Birth control for kids

Posted By on September 14, 2011

From a South African paper:

Pupils as young as 10 years old were given contraceptive injections without parental consent at an Eastern Cape primary school last week.

Girls in Grades 6 and 7 at the Emzoncane Primary School in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, said they were given the injections after a talk by members of the Dora Nginza Hospital’s family planning unit.

They were mostly aged between 10 and 13 and included some girls who had not yet reached puberty….

Angry parents said they had received a letter from the school informing them of the hospital family planning unit’s intention to talk to the pupils about menstruation and contraception. They said the letter made no mention that contraceptive injections would be given to the girls.

Think it can’t happen in the States? Think again. (And see the ACLU’s official position on parental involvement in these matters.)

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2 Responses to “Birth control for kids”

  1. ShawnaLynn says:

    My daughter is 8. And she is MY daughter. I can’t do a THING about the government and it’s decisions. But, I CAN train my daughter as God has called me to, praying with and for her and REFUSING to become afraid of all the garbage in the world and its effect on both of us. Keeping my eyes on Jesus, the author and PERFECTOR of my faith!

  2. ShawnaLynn, we definitely do not have to give in to fear, but we need to use our God-given freedoms to protest policies like these when we see them come up in state and national bills and proposals. We have the right to contact our local, state, and federal authorities, and we need to use it! Click HERE for a complete listing to put you in touch with your representatives. 🙂

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