CitizenLink Report: Resisting Efforts to Blur Male and Female

Posted By on July 9, 2011

From Citizen Link:

Have you heard about the recent report from Sweden about the staff of a preschool no longer using pronouns like “he” or “she” when referring to students? It’s another example of what happens when marriage is redefined to include same-sex couples.

The preschool’s approach to gender is a reflection of Sweden’s national school curriculum that includes the mission of breaking down gender roles. For example, when playing “house,” teachers suggest students role play with two or three taking the role of “mom.”

As Christians, we have a great deal of compassion for those struggling with gender confusion; they should be treated with respect, dignity and love. At the same time, however, we stand against the idea that gender is meaningless and that men and women are really no different from each other.

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Mrs. Chancey is the mother of 12 children, all of whom keep the household bubbling with life, learning, and levity. Jennie co-founded LAF in 2002 with Lydia Sherman and has been delighted to hear from women all over the world who enjoy their femininity and love to cultivate womanly virtues.


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