Feminism Rejects Feminism – We’re Doing Our Best to Achieve the Impossible

Posted By on September 22, 2013

Feminists are finding their legacy, unrealistic, misdirected, negligent and confusing. This article is an insider’s perspective on the realities of feminism and an interesting discussion (perpetuated by lies or shall we say redefining of the facts) on what the answer is supposed to be. Feminism’s expectations are still impossible and unrealistic either way. They’ve created a generation of confused misguided women who hopefully will realize they’ve been lied to. Once again, we have the answer to a fulfilling life. Caution: Swear words on sidebar

When the expectation that they could “have it all” came up against reality, many of them ended up disappointed, feeling like failures or feeling like feminism had failed them.

“I think what happened was that feminism was really a revolutionary movement, and like all revolutionary movements, it wasn’t about personal satisfaction or personal success,” Spar told NPR’s Terry Gross. But “somewhere along the line … the message of feminism got watered down and misinterpreted.” It turned inward. It was drained of broader social goals—and this is what winds up driving women “nuts.”

“If we set perfect and having it all as the standard, we’re all gonna fail all the time,” she said.

So what can we do? According to Spar, the solution lies in feminists focusing less on personal fulfillment and more on societal issues — child care, pay equity, support for working moms and dads. Though Spar makes good points about feminism’s history, I think this is where she starts to go wrong…Gen X and Y women have watched Spar’s generation try — and fail — to be perfect leaders, employees, moms, wives, community members and everything else. If anything, I’d say we’re way less duped by the myth of having it all.

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