Feminist Moonlights in Adult Film Industry to Pay for College

Posted By on February 18, 2014

Editor’s note: Not for young readers! Mature content. 

The legacy of feminism is rotten. Need we say more? Will Duke University expel her? I guess we’ll see. Is this who you want your daughter sitting next to at College?

She told The Chronicle that she feels “at home” when she is in the [adult film industry]. She feels less at home when she is on the Duke campus.

“I feel like girls at Duke have to hide their sexuality,” she explained. “We’re caught in this virgin-whore dichotomy.”

The student doesn’t want her real name revealed…despite the fact that she has now done at least two interviews, written a monologue about herself and been invited to speak in various Duke classes on the topic of sex work.

The freshman also gave her definition of feminism to the campus paper.

“Feminism, to me, means advancing my personal liberty, my opportunity in the world, while also championing my body and my right to choose what to do with my body,” she told the campus paper.

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