Feminists vs Population Controllers

Posted By on July 8, 2014

On and off the bandwagon, feminists find out that they undermined their own existence.


When I think of a militant ‘feminist’ I tend to think of someone who sees too many children as getting in the way of a woman’s success in the workplace and generally in life.  While this might be true, even militant feminists do not think that women should be forced or encouraged not to have children if they should happen to want them. Interestingly, because international feminist groups naturally support the autonomy of women, they now find themselves in opposition to the population control advocates they have previously partnered with in support of widespread abortion and birth control rights.

The clash became apparent during the inaugural meeting of a new United Nations body that met for the first time last month to discuss universal development goals and air pollution, among other agenda items.  For many, the solution to environmental woes is still the continued reduction of fertility rates, despite them having fallen to below replacement rate all over the world.  Some, such as controversial Australian ethics professor Peter Singer, have even suggested that a woman’s desire to have children could be forcibly overridden to address environmental problems.

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