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Posted By on July 11, 2011

From Don Feder’s speech at the Moscow Demography Summit:

Worldwide, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) – the number of children the average woman will have during her lifetime – fell from 5.0 in the mid-1960s to 2.7 today, a decline of almost 50%. We’re told that 59 countries, with 44% of the world’s population, now have below-replacement birth-rates, in some cases, well-below replacement. The rest are heading in the same direction.

Such dramatic changes don’t happen in isolation but are the result of powerful forces long at work. We live in a manifestly anti-marriage, anti-child, anti-procreation culture. But these are symptoms. As any pathologist will tell you, the disease precedes the symptoms.

While abortion, contraception, divorce, unmarried couples living together, children born out-of-wedlock, the culturally instilled desire for small families and the relentless drive to normalize homosexuality all have an impact, in some cases a pronounced impact, on declining birth-rates, they are results not causes.

However, they are connected….

Now, for the first time in history, just under half of the world’s population uses some form of contraception. Break the word into its component parts: contraception – against conception – that which prevents life from happening. And this we are supposed to celebrate as liberating, part of the great march of human progress.

Worldwide, there are approximately 115,000 abortions a day or 42 million a year. That’s roughly twice the number of military deaths in World War II, the bloodiest conflict in human history, except, instead of a country’s soldiers killed in battle, these are casualties a nation inflicts on itself, on its own people.

From a population perspective, we’re not just losing 42 million people annually to abortion, but also their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and distant descendants, down through the ages. The loss is incalculable. We are, quite literally, aborting our future.

Read the entire speech HERE.

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