For ‘Real’ Feminists, Only Politically Correct Environmentalists Need Apply

Posted By on June 7, 2010

We love reading Jill Stanek. She has defended the sanctity of life for years and really knows her stuff. Here’s a column she wrote for Saturday’s “The Pill Kills” protest:

Today is the American Life League’s (ALL) third annual The Pill Kills Day, which focuses on the various harmful effects of the birth control pill. All focus this year is on the Pill’s harmful effects on the environment.

But it turns out, just as founder Jessica Valenti wrote in a May 30 Washington Post op ed that one cannot be a feminist without supporting abortion, neither, apparently, can one be an environmentalist without supporting the right toxins.Now comes Carol King at the Ms. magazine blog, who’s “amused” by the pro-life side’s “antics” to draw attention to the fact that waste estrogen from the birth control pill is harming the environment, a point which, King writes, “sent me into howls of laughter.”

King goes on to downplay estrogen’s impact on the environment because, she erroneously claims, it is confined to certain waterways, as if that matters anyway.

Read the rest of the article at this link.

For more information on life-threatening side effects of hormonal birth control, here’s an article about a 27-year-old who suffered a stroke as a direct result of using contraceptives. She is now suing the pharmaceutical company who makes the drug.

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  1. I saw this on Instapundit:

    “HMM: Actress Sues Yasmin Birth Control Over Her Stroke. Don’t know about the merits of the suit, but birth control pills were probably the cause of Helen’s heart attack.

    UPDATE: Reader Scott Boone emails:

    Your post on the InstaWife’s stroke/birth control relation hit close: I have a good friend (an ex-girlfriend) who is currently facing criminal Child Endangerment and DUI charges (two separate events) here in Pennsylvania (Allentown). She has been experiencing random, spontaneous “transient states of awareness”, whereby she blacks out and becomes confused, sometimes for hours. During one occasion she “lost” her children at a store; during the other she woke up in the middle of the night and drove and wrecked her car into two parked cars.

    I’ve been providing a lot of primary care for her, mostly because it scares the bejeesus out of me that something like this can happen to a 33 year old out of the blue. She’s been to Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Epileptologists, drug & alcohol clinics, in and out of hospitals, underwent EEGs, EKGs, you name it! Of course the crim-just folks just KNOW she’s a drug addict. The Doc’s say there is no evidence of such. The current “thought” is epilepsy.
    But in doing research on the internet we have happened upon a correlative relationship: she had the Mirena hormonal IUD installed on New Year’s Eve. It was the second insertion, her body rejected the first. By mid-January she was experiencing the events. Arrested first within 60 days, arrested twice within 90. Her cycles are erratic and non-cyclical. There are many reports of “Ambien-like” behavior tied to the Mirena on the ‘net. She is currently following up with her OB-GYN, whose approach seems merely “well, we’ll remove it.”

    But how can it be that we are so unaware in this country of the problems of birth control hormones that we are CRIMINALLY CHARGING innocent women? She is left dealing with massive legal bills, got fired from her job, has to pay COBRA out of pocket, lost her driving privileges, and, worst of all for a mother, lost custody of her children.”

    Thought that was interesting. I know that the few years I was on the pill, I didn’t feel like myself at all. I struggled to control moods and had a permanent sense of anxiety. My husband told me to throw them away, and immediately I felt relief. I wonder how many divorces are due to the heightened sense of anxiety and moodiness the pill produces.

  2. Kensy says:

    Hey Jennie!

    I wanted to let you know that I requested your book, Passionate Housewives from local library, they couldn’t get it, so they borrowed it from another library, and now it is in my hands!!!

    I am SO excited to read it, i’ve wanted to read it for a couple years now. I will let you know when I finish, and what I thought of it!

    Thank you SO much for all you do!


  3. Thanks, Kensy! I hope you enjoy it–it was definitely a labor of love! Blessings, Mrs. C.

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