Gen Y not so keen on gender equality

Posted By on October 18, 2010

From Mercatornet:

An Australian study has set the traditional-role-division cat among the gender equality pigeons: the tide of opinion seems to have swung against the feminist ideal of an equal division of domestic and market work between husbands and wives….

[S]upport has stalled for the proposition that ”ideally there should be as many women as men in important positions in government and business”; as has support for the proposition that ”there should be satisfactory childcare facilities so that women can take jobs outside the home.”

Increasing numbers have taken the conservative position on whether a working mother can be as good as an at-home mother, and on the superiority of the male breadwinner model. For example, 41 per cent of men endorsed the male breadwinner model in 2005 compared with 29.6 per cent in 2001. And 74 per cent of women in 2005 thought at-home mothers were better for children compared with 57 per cent in 2001.

Baxter’s research seems to show that people are thinking more about the good of children, and about the value of the mother’s role in the home. Moreover it is younger adults who are thinking like that….

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  1. I could see this being true. Sometimes I feel like I’m more “old-fashioned” than the older people. Especially in the gender equality area. I want my husband to be the provider and leader. I don’t feel like I need to “prove” myself to be equal or better than men. I think it’s totally fair to stay at home and care for kids and housework, and the man to go and work away from the home. It’s not equal, but it’s fair. The wife can devote more attention to improving the quality at home, and the man doesn’t have to worry about home issues because his wife wasn’t at her job all week…I don’t know, makes sense to me! (I’m a twenty something, almost-married girl, so these things are on my mind!)

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