Girl Scouts hand-in-glove with Planned Parenthood

Posted By on April 6, 2010

I hate posting several negative stories in a row, but these aren’t just ugly headlines–they affect our daughters and granddaughters and poison all of society as they reach more and more girls at a vulnerable age. From the Washington Times:

The present day Girl Scouts are not your older sister’s Scouts, let alone your Mom’s. Not by a long shot. They seem to have joined up fully with the anything-goes-ethos of the left-wing sexual buccaneers and for it they are lauded at the UN. Compare that with the Boy Scouts who have remained true to their founding vision and to traditional values and for it they are banned from using public buildings.

I don’t want to reprint here the explicit teachings Planned Parenthood is disseminating within the Girl Scouts, so you’ll need to read the full article HERE. Needless to say, it is not for young readers. I’ve got a future article in the works titled “The Promiscuity Myth” that will address a lot of the things going on here. Why is license always equated with “liberty” in the feminist mind? Why isn’t self-control lauded as liberty? Those who are able to rule themselves are free. Those who are ruled by their passions are slaves. Feminism is painting this slavery in glowing terms and leading girls down a road to destructive behavior that can only lead to heartbreak.

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Mrs. Chancey is the mother of 12 children, all of whom keep the household bubbling with life, learning, and levity. Jennie co-founded LAF in 2002 with Lydia Sherman and has been delighted to hear from women all over the world who enjoy their femininity and love to cultivate womanly virtues.


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  1. madgebaby says:

    I love your website, but I have to disagree with you about hating planned parenthood so much. For many people in many communities like my own it is one of the few places women can go for health care like pap smears. Unlike you I believe that birth control is a decision a married couple can choose to make and I think it can be a blessing, so that is a difference too.

    I just think this brings down the tone of your otherwise very helpful and informative website.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. We’ve been exposing Planned Parenthood’s agenda since 2002, so this post is nothing new or out of line with LAF. Birth control, is, indeed, a decision that couples must make for themselves. No one here is advocating any kind of top-down legislation that would mandate any kind of choice for individual women. We have always advocated thorough research and investigation of anything sold as “healthy” for women. The rich irony is that Planned Parenthood is a government-funded organization that takes my tax dollars every year to sell women half-information and outright lies about sexual health, essentially removing any “choice” from them except for the choice that lines PP’s pockets. Against my will, my money goes to fund an organization that experiments on minors, encourages promiscuity so it can profit from the resulting abortions, and does nothing to teach women that long-term sexual health is directly linked to a faithful, monogamous relationship. I’d strongly recommend going back through LAF’s archives and reading what we have posted under “Hot-Button Issues,” as we’ve covered this issue in detail. To see shocking examples of how PP clinics break the law when it comes to protecting minors from statutory rape, go to I’d also recommend George Grant’s excellent expose’ of Planned Parenthood, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, and his biography of PP founder Margaret Sanger, Killer Angel, which is available for free as a download at this link. Health care for women is available in more places than the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The only reason PP has such a hold in low-income communities is because of government funding. Smaller, independent clinics don’t get all the “free” tax dollars and have a hard time advertising or competing. Planned Parenthood is a giant like Big Pharma and should be investigated every bit as thoroughly.

  3. madgebaby says:

    Our health department–in a relatively wealthy, very roman catholic community–has chosen to forsake federal funds rather than provide reproductive health care for women. All (ALL) of the hospitals are also roman catholic and contraception is not consistently available to women who seek services there. For many poor or uninsured women in our community Planned Parenthood is the only option because of the religious beliefs of the medical providers.

  4. Again, I would encourage you to study why these medical groups are forsaking federal funds (with all the attached strings) and why they will not promote chemical contraception with all its attached health risks–not to mention the abortifacient nature of hormonal contraception. As an analogy, if I knew that a beverage was poisonous and harmful to women and children, I would not sell it or promote it, nor would I take federal funds to induce me to sell it to others. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that. This is the reason Catholic hospitals (along with many Protestant-owned pharmacies) do not carry chemical/hormonal contraceptives and are having to stand up in court for their right not to violate their consciences. Even environmental groups are getting on the bandwagon as reports pile up of the long-term damage done to our ecosystem and ourselves by chemical and hormonal contraceptives. There is a big difference between true health care and “clinics” that pave the way for women to pursue unhealthy lifestyles while trying to avoid the consequences of their behavior (STDs, unwanted pregnancy, etc.). Keep reading!

  5. madgebaby says:

    I’m pretty well educated about this topic, quite well educated in fact. and I don’t choose to use chemical contraceptives myself. However, I do have problems of conscience when a whole community is denied another choice in their medical care. I do think that other options should be available to women who may not have the autonomy or mutuality in their marriage to choose to have as many children as is biologically possible for them. Many married women don’t get to really choose when they have marital relations, and do not have husbands who are willing or able to support a large family. For many women the medical risks of bearing (or bearing more) children outweigh the risks of contraception. Being an unwanted child is a terrible burden to place on innocent life, and enforcing large families on women who are not able to bear them is cruel but that is what is done when a community doesn’t provide basic medical services.

  6. Kara says:

    I dont know about being teamed up with Planned Parenthood, but Girl Scouts has had a sexually liberal agenda for a while. I didnt get much sex ed in school, and most of that wasnt until high school. However, I did get sex ed from Girl Scouts when I was 9 or 10. We were earning a badge called “becoming a teen”, and I remember being told that it’s ok to experiment and figure out what feels good. So, they’ve been pushing that particular agenda for at least 15 years….

  7. Very true, Kara. I was in Girl Scouts for three years. After my first year as a Junior, my parents wisely pulled me out. That was the year they started talking about taking the pledge to God out of the GS pledge. The agenda was obviously slanted toward feminism, and I wasn’t sorry to go. There were plenty of other productive ways to serve in our community as a family without being indoctrinated in the anti-family teachings of the Girl Scouts.

  8. There is a club for girls ages around six through adult called “Keepers of the Faith” ( It offers girls the experiences of earning badges and learning skills, but unlike the Girl Scouts, it is geared towards teaching girls skills needed to grow-up to be keepers of their homes.

  9. We’re actually finally reaching the bedrock here in this conversation, which is a completely different view of children. The view you express portrays children as a burden (financially, physically, etc.); our view is that children are riches, and this is the view taken by the vast majority of cultures across time. My husband works in Darfur, Sudan, taking in medical supplies, clothing, and tools to the people displaced by the Islamic war against Southern Sudan. These people are literally dirt poor. Their villages have been burned down. Their croplands have been destroyed. Many of them have watched their children (or their parents) hacked to death or burned alive. Yet the women never, ever ask for contraception or abortion. They ask for better medical care for themselves and their children, and we take it to them. They ask for information on nutrition, and we send in the world’s leading nutritionist to help prepare a diet they can grow themselves. They want more children, because children are their future. Western culture now sees children as a liability–more mouths to feed. African (and most Eastern) cultures see children as an asset–two more hands to build the future. The answer to poverty and difficulty is not to cut off the future; it is to help those parents prepare for the future and make sure it will be healthy and strong. Assisting women in abusive marriages is definitely important, but it doesn’t take Planned Parenthood going in and handing out condoms. In fact, Planned Parenthood’s approach (delivered by the UN) has spread the AIDS epidemic across Africa like nothing else could, by confirming the irresponsible behavior of men who go from partner to partner. Handing out contraception to those people is like tacitly endorsing their lifestyles–and promising those lifestyles will now be “safe.” This is killing women and children. We cannot call it “good.” The answer is not to import Western sexual “freedom” to third-world countries. The answer is to take in the teachings of Christ, which instruct men to be faithful to their wives, to abstain from sexual impurity, and to provide for their families. In countries where this is practiced, the family flourishes and economic freedom can grow in that foundation. This is what we are doing in Sudan. It will take generations to bring many of these people out of hundreds of years of pagan practices (which include sexual rituals too graphic to describe here). This work would not be helped by importing abortion clinics or teaching women to cut off their future. Children are that future, and we want to train families to care for them, nourish them, and educate them so that future will be strong and long-lasting.

  10. madgebaby says:

    Can you back up any of this information about contraception and the developing world with statistics?

    Given the high infant mortality and the number of women who die during childbirth the dynamics around contraception and childrearing are surely different than they are here.

  11. Victoria says:

    Actually, infant and maternal death rates are higher here in the States than in underdeveloped countries. A black baby is 50% more likely to be aborted than a white baby (due to Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project”—the intent of which was to exterminate the black population) in America.

    In mine and my friends’ experiences with Planned Parenthood it definitely seems apparent that they are not concerned about women’s health—just how they can stop you from having babies (mostly black ones). My friend Korina not only asked them for a pap but also for contraception to help a bleeding problem she had. She had no insurance, but needed help anyway. They refused. Why do you suppose a planned parenthood would turn away a woman in need????? Because SHE HAD BEEN STERILIZED! That’s right—-NOT INTERESTED IN WOMEN’S HEALTH, ONLY INTERESTED IN KILLING BABIES!

    Another friend of mine asked for an IUD to be inserted that did not have hormones in it. She had terrible reactions to these hormones and wanted the ‘less effective’ one that didn’t have hormones. Well, they gave her the hormone one anyway and then lied about it when she called about migraines, nausea, and not being able to care for her young daughter. Finally she had to come in for a pap in order to keep her services with them and the woman doing the exam said the IUD was on its way out—so if it fell out, she should come back in immediately. WHAT? If I had an IUD and went to a REAL doctor, he would have done something right then and there! Well, it did come out, and she felt better within DAYS! As it turns out, it was the hormone kind of IUD.

    I went to planned parenthood once when I was a girl with my friend who was having sex with a much older man for a pregnancy test. Not only didn’t they do anything about the fact that she was being abused by a much older man, they set her up for an abortion without even telling her that she had other options. There is no choice in these clinics!! Nobody said “have you considered adoption?” or “have you told your mother? I’m sure she’ll want to know–I’m sure she’ll be worried”. It was all about killing the child—-and permitting abuse to another child. How ridiculous is that?

    No, planned parenthood is only in the business of death. They use these REQUIRED pap smears (that’s right, if a woman has an objection to the pap, she doesn’t get their ‘services’) to put a blanket over what they are really into: the blinding of and abuse of women and girls.

    I’m so sick of them and their lies. My friend didn’t even get any accurate information on what an abortion was, or what was growing inside of her. She even got an infection afterwards but was not near a planned parenthood after she went back home, so her mother had to be told anyway. What devastation!!! A grandchild blinked out of existence without her knowledge–terrible! And all that hype about women dying from illegal abortions is true—except they don’t tell you about how many women are dying from perfectly legal ones!

    Well, sorry for rambling. I guess this is all stuff you’ll have to experience or see for yourself. Just listening to ‘the news’ or ‘statistics’ is never going to be enough to get the ‘real’ picture of what this organization is doing to our nation’s women. Nowhere NEAR enough.

  12. I’m not sure which statistics you’re asking for here, but let’s first address the idea that contraceptives equal good health care for the third world. Yes, if you introduce contraception and reduce the number of pregnancies, you will reduce the maternal death and infant mortality rates — but that’s just simple logic. Fewer pregnant women=fewer deaths from pregnancy. That’s like calling for an end to fatal car crashes by taking away people’s cars. Fewer cars=fewer car crashes. Mathematically it will work, but that’s not the point here. If we want better outcomes for maternal and infant health, we need to send in good doctors, OBs, midwives, etc. and train people in their own countries to care for their health. That would mean fewer maternal deaths and a lower infant mortality rate by addressing the problem (poor health practices during pregnancy and delivery) without eliminating pregnancy and childbirth. There is an excellent article about women in third-world countries asking for better maternal/infant health care rather than contraception:

    Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), agreed with Oda, and labelled Bennett’s claim that hundreds of millions of women in the developing world are “crying out for contraception” as “non-sense.” PRI has conducted surveys in such countries as Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Mexico and found in every case that “reproductive health” was lowest on women’s list of health care priorities. “It’s not what they want,” said Mosher. “We’re not responding to their pleas for help. … They ask for clean drinking water, and we give them contraceptives.”

    He explained that women in the developing world are deemed “ipso facto [to] have a so-called unmet need for contraception” based on the simple fact that they had a baby in the last two years and are not currently sterilized or on contraception.

    “In other words, they’re not asking these women if they want contraceptives,” he said. “They’re assuming.”

    “The existing programs of family planning are imposing Western views on people who have a different view of life and very different desires for family size,” he said. The approach taken by such groups as UNFPA and Planned Parenthood is “contraceptive imperialism,” according to Mosher, “exporting the mentality of Manhattan … or Hollywood to relatively innocent, untouched corners of the world.”

    Let me also recommend Matthew Connelly’s book, Fatal Misconception (Harvard University Press, 2008), which chronicles the American bankrolling of the international population control movement and the shocking methods used to coerce women into using contraceptives or being sterilized in developing countries rather than helping these countries create a safer, more advanced medical system to care for their people.

    Now, if you’re actually looking for statistics on how HIV/AIDS spreads and increases when widespread contraception is introduced to a country, please see this link. The Vatican has compiled a huge amount of data on this topic and has been very outspoken about how condom use actually ends up spreading the infection rather than preventing it. We are not helping the developing world by importing western “safe sex” methods. Quite the contrary.

  13. madgebaby says:

    I was looking for statistics that show that providing information about contraception causes an increase AIDS rate. Preferably not from the Vatican since they are opposed to contraception in the first place and are likely to provide biased information.

  14. Please read the footnotes in the Vatican article–those are what I was referring to. The data in the Vatican’s documents doesn’t come from the Pope. πŸ˜‰ It comes from scientific and medical institutions and lots of research. There’s a ton of stuff there to read. And realize that you need to apply the same standard to whatever you read from Planned Parenthood. If you don’t like what the Vatican has compiled because of its “bias” toward chastity, then you also need to reject what Planned Parenthood provides because of their bias toward promiscuity, contraception, and abortion (not to mention all the federal funding they get to promote all of those things).

  15. madgebaby says:

    Actually, this article references the fact that 99% of seroconversions in Africa (in 2002) resulted from unprotected intercourse; who knows if so called “safe sex” would have reduced this number. This study discusses the ineffectiveness of contraceptive education (and perhaps the contraceptives themselves) but the notion that sexual education results in increased rates of HIV is inferred. There are lots of references, many of them in Italian, but few are peer reviewed and generally considered unbiased sources.

    I’m not arguing for permissiveness, by the way, just for rigor in argumentation.

  16. Since you seem singularly unwilling to go carefully through cited footnotes and find the information for yourself, here are direct links to two of the studies cited in or referred to by the Vatican’s position papers and workshops on this topic:

    Preventing the Heterosexual Spread of AIDS: Are We Giving Our Patients the Best Advice? (Journal of the American Medical Association, 1988;259(16):2428-2432)

    Reducing the Risk of AIDS in High School Students: Lifelong Monogamy Is the Moral Solution
    (Journal of the American Medical Association, 1994;271(3):195)

    The fact that these two articles appear in an internationally recognized medical journal (not in a religious paper) should satisfy your need for “rigor in argumentation.” If you take the time to read the full PDF articles, you’ll find still more references you can follow up. I’m now closing this thread, as further conversation seems unproductive. I’ve provided links to over a dozen articles and abstracts–enough to keep anyone busy reading and following up research leads. If you aren’t willing to follow footnotes or links to check the research we cite, then it is a little ludicrous to expect us to do it all for you and post everything here. Providing links to proofs is enough, as any reader can follow those up without difficulty. Thanks.

  17. madgebaby says:

    Those were the two peer reviewed articles I read and reviewed, and as I said they did not answer the question you inferred was answered therein, that teaching about avoiding AIDS by means other than monogamy increases the AIDS rate.

    I was just asking for backup to this statement. This article does not provide that backup. I’m sorry that you feel defensive about it and want to close the discussion. I’m trying to not make assumptions and I’d rather that you extend me the same courtesy.

  18. I do not feel defensive, Anisa. It’s easy to read “tone” into pixels on the screen, but I assure you that’s not my tone. πŸ˜‰

    Since you did not specify what statistics you were looking for, I had to hazard a guess based on your previous posts. I will be happy to supply links to what you are looking for, but, again, this is something easily found by anyone willing to take the time to look and read. And this will have to be the end of this discussion. As I mentioned in an earlier email, I do not have the time to watch comments and do research for readers while tending to my duties here at home. I’ll doubtless address this topic again in the future, and I’ll be sure to include lots of links as always. πŸ™‚

    There is a whole lot of research out there on the failure rate of condoms and how they do not provide protection against AIDS, yet Planned Parenthood and the UN continue to push for condom distribution in the war against AIDS. Here are a few links to get you started:

    Condoms, STD, Teenagers, and International Case Studies Showing Condom Ineffectiveness Against HIV/AIDS
    Condom effectiveness
    UN Report Adds to a Condom Debate HIV; Failure Rate Found to Be 10 Percent

    There are also studies that directly link “safe sex” education and easy access to contraceptives to rising promiscuity and STDs:

    The morning-after pill: Promoting promiscuity
    Free pills and condoms ‘boost promiscuity’
    Action on teenage sex ‘backfiring’

    The AIDS rate in Africa has exploded over the past twenty years, which is precisely the same timeframe that the UN has been relentlessly pushing contraceptive use and “safe sex.” (See AIDS in Africa .) Coincidence? I think not.

  19. Kate says:

    While I fundamentally disagree with what the Girl Scouts represent, there is no evidence to support the accusations represented in this story run by the Washington Times. Bill O’reilly did a segment on the controversy ( and came to the same conclusion. I wish that the Girl Scouts would stop indoctrinating young ladies, but in this case there is no evidence to suggest their guilt.

  20. Kate, while it is true that (since no parents were allowed in the meeting) no concerned parents actually saw the representatives from GSA handing out the Planned Parenthood materials, GSA was not willing to speak up and outright deny that they did. If they had nothing to do with the materials, they would have swiftly denied the charges and would even have had legal grounds to sue those accusing them for defamation or libel. GSA has made no such move, which is more than a little odd given the serious nature of the charges. Here’s another story about this, mentioning a panel discussion co-sponsored by the GSA about “securing the right of women, men and adolescents aged between ten and twenty-five, to better reproductive and sexual health.” This is a long way from the original GSA Motto of 1912: “To train girls to take their rightful places in life, first as good women, then as good citizens, wives and mothers.”

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