It’s not all sweet for kids in Sweden

Posted By on September 17, 2011

From David Quinn at Mercatornet:

[P]recisely because it is so egalitarian, the Swedish state has also completely stripped marriage of any special standing in Swedish society. This is one reason why Sweden has a low marriage rate, a very high rate of cohabitation, and a very high rate of births outside marriage (more than one in two of all births).

It simply stretches credulity to suggest that this isn’t having any impact on children in Sweden when we know that the family based on marriage is the one that most reliably produces the best outcomes for children.

In fact, even UNICEF itself, in its Report Card 7, issued in 2007, felt forced to admit, “there is evidence to associate growing up in single-parent families and stepfamilies with greater risk to well-being – including a greater risk of dropping out of school, of leaving home early, or poorer health, or low skills and of low pay.” If even UNICEF is prepared to admit this (albeit in a very muted way), then the evidence in favour of it must be overwhelming.

Given the facts about family breakdown in Sweden, how then are we expected to believe that it is a paradise for children?

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