Liberal Feminism: Defending Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Posted By on September 30, 2011

Life requires harmony. We see it throughout nature. Without harmony, whether organic or inorganic (e.g. mechanical), breakdown results and chaos ensues.

This is what liberal feminism does. It causes breakdowns and chaos with its persistent objective to divide genders. Like a self-loathing individual, it spews animus toward everyone, especially men. Patriarchy, with all of its history of failed humanity, is supplanted with narcissistic radicalism. Men are hated. Men are scorned. Men are unneeded.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the issue of abortion. On one hand, men are demonized for abandoning women to raise children on their own. Yet, if anyone suggests that a man’s responsibility, as a father, begins in the womb, liberal feminists grasp at anything to make sure those chasms between men and women are never bridged.  Rather than promote harmony between genders, this movement desperately depends upon vitriolic conflict. (Emphasis ours.)

The Frisky, a raunchy online entertainment mag (formerly owned by Turner Broadcasting), sadly proves my point. In an article entitled “Black Men Targeted by Anti-Abortion Billboard”, author Jessica Wakeman writes, unoriginally, that The Radiance Foundation’s “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb” campaign now shames black men. Not that we expect abortion apologists to write about facts, but the campaign clearly highlights the crisis of fatherlessness, regardless of race. The CDC reports that 84% of  America’s abortions are among unmarried women. The abandonment is devastating and measurable; the cost is, mostly, paid for by our children. That doesn’t stop this self-professing progressive feminist to rail against a campaign calling men to responsibility.

Read the full piece HERE. (Not for young readers.)

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