Millennials lukewarm towards abortion advocacy

Posted By on April 26, 2010

A revealing article in Newsweek shows the abortion rights movement in the United States painfully aware of its ageing leadership and lack of traction amongst young adults. NARAL president Nancy Keenan and others concede that they have failed to address the “moral complexity” of abortion, something that even pro-choice young people now take on board…. An analysis by Gallup of polling data on the abortion issue since 1975 confirms NARAL’s fears. In a sharp change from the situation 35 years ago, young adults (18 to 29) are now slightly more likely than all other groups, including seniors (over 65) to say that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. In 2005-2009, 23 per cent of young adults polled held this position, compared with 21 per cent of seniors and 17 per cent of the age groups in between. In general, the age groups have converged over time.

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  1. I have read through this several times, and each time I am a bit more encouraged. I’m reminded of the saying, “The truth will out.” Even unbelievers and those who don’t necessarily hold to our worldview are swayed by the truth- they can’t help it!

    Just praising the Lord for the gradual but wonderful change in opinion on this imperative issue.

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