Monogamy on the ropes?

Posted By on September 30, 2011

From Jon Mitchell at Mercatornet:

Secret infidelity within marriage is dishonest. On that, there is widespread agreement. But the prevailing question in our culture today seems to be whether monogamy itself is dishonest about human desire and personal fulfilment.

To think of monogamy as dishonest is to miss the point. Monogamy is in fact an honest virtue that recognizes the human condition and the capacity to wander. Monogamy commits parents to children and holds the institution of marriage together for the benefit of society.

Recently, numerous articles and books have explored open infidelity within marriage and committed relationships. Tracy Clark-Flory at explores the benefits of monogamy looking for a “passionate endorsement of the maligned practice,” but ends up citing the lack of empirical evidence and hard facts among monogamy’s ideological and religious supporters. She describes monogamy as having “unattractive cultural blemishes.”…

By the sounds of our cultural elite, monogamy is bruised, battered and against the ropes. Or is it?…The current debate around monogamy illuminates a larger issue about the meaning of marriage in the 21st century…. It may be that some find marriage boring. Or anachronistic. But marriage remains a bulwark of strong societies and the alternatives are less than alluring, when we consider all the benefits that healthy marriage brings for individuals, for children and for society. It may seem avant garde to endorse open marriage, but in fact, it’s the oldest trick in the book. Rather than endorsing dalliances outside of marriage, what might be more groundbreaking today is encouraging spouses to reconnect and strengthen their relationships through honest conversation about needs and expectations. It’s time for honest conversation about monogamy: How it makes marriage work and how healthy marriage betters society.

Click HERE to read the entire piece, which is excellent. (Not for very young readers, but a great discussion topic for older teens and their parents!)

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