Outsourcing parenting in Sweden

Posted By on May 24, 2011

From Mercatornet:

Then there are the questions about the social toll Sweden’s childcare system is taking. Sweden has offered a comprehensive daycare system since 1975; since the early ’90s, negative outcomes for children and adolescents are on the rise in areas of health and behaviour. While direct causation has been difficult to prove, many Swedish health-care professionals point to the lack of parent involvement beyond the first 16 months as a primary contributing factor. Psychosomatic disorders and mild psychological problems are escalating among Swedish youth at a faster rate than in any of 11 comparable European countries. Such disorders have tripled among girls over the last 25 years. Education outcomes in Swedish schools have fallen from the top position 30 years ago, to merely average amongst OECD nations today. Behaviour problems in Swedish classrooms are among the worst in Europe.

This isn’t surprising. After a generation of inexperience, Swedish parenting abilities are deteriorating. A study sponsored by the European Union showed many middleclass parents lack the ability to set limits and sense their children’s needs.

Read the entire piece HERE. I just had a conversation with a friend from Norway (now living in Kenya) who talked about the not-so-sunny-side of state-funded day care. She (a mother of three) said she couldn’t count how many times young men and women approached her in her home country, asking for her advice on parenting and saying they wished they knew their own parents. She mourned the loss of parenting skills in Scandanavia and directly attributed them to state-run “child welfare” programs like the ones described in this article. We would be wise to pay attention to what is happening to families in other countries and realize we will be in the same boat if we do not make different choices in America.

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  1. Amy says:

    I hope more people see this article. This is exactly the model being held up here in the USA today, and I think it would have terrible consequences for families and for society if we start letting the government basically raise the children.

    A good friend of our family studied psychology before becoming a Christian, and he has noted that even the most secular psychological studies of daycare find it damaging for children. I hope more people wake up and see this problem before we have some form of state daycare forced on us.

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