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Posted By on July 11, 2011

From Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet:

Writer Erica Jong, one of the flag-bearers of the sexual revolution, wonders, in the New York Times, why her daughter’s generation is not interested in sex. Sexual passion, that is. “Fear Of Flying” stuff, perhaps, though I have never read her famous women’s lib tract.

She first discovered the shocking news about lust, it appears, while editing “an anthology of women’s sexual writing” (yawn) last year. The younger writers displayed “a nostalgia for ‘50s-era attitudes towards sexuality” and were “obsessed with motherhood and monogamy.”

In short, when divorced from a meaningful, committed, lifelong relationship (marriage, anyone?), relationships with the opposite sex become “just a collection of interchangeable body parts.” Unfulfilling. Meaningless. Boring. Depressing. It’s encouraging to see more young women yearning for a return to deep, cultivated, exclusive relationships. Those take time. A lifetime. And they are worth every moment. Read the entire piece HERE. (Not for young readers.)

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