Unbroken Faith Ministries: Dead Women in Combat: Does Anyone Care? A Call for Americans to Cherish the Weaker Sex

Posted By on February 9, 2016


Wesley Strackbein

In light of the outrageous view espoused by Gov. Bush, Sen. Rubio, and Gov. Christie at last’s Saturday’s debate – supporting women signing up for Selective Service – we would do well to understand that the Bible teaches that men, not women, are to go to war. The alternative is barbarism and an abandonment of the Chivalric Code that calls for the protection of women and children.

This article – first published when the Obama Administration lifted the last restraints on women serving in combat roles – explains this important principle.

Dead women—killed on the frontlines of combat—are no more a terrible sight to behold than dead men.

So declared General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he joined President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in announcing a formal policy change on January 24 which removes the last restraints for women to serve in all active combat roles in the U.S. military. As part of a much-hyped and heralded public relations move by the current administration, Dempsey stated: “I’ve gone to Bethesda to visit wounded warriors, and I’ve gone to Arlington to bury our dead. There’s no distinction [between men and women].”1

As shocking as this may sound, it accurately reflects the changing attitudes of most Americans toward women in combat.

Read the rest here (Mature readers, graphic descriptions)

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