Wikipedia Is Male-Dominated. That Doesn’t Mean It’s Sexist.

Posted By on February 10, 2011

There is an excellent piece on Slate this week that demonstrates how feminism finds “gender imbalance” where none exists in order to encourage a victim mentality and a sense of entitlement where no harm has been done:

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller announced last week at the National Press Club that news from Egypt was crowding from his paper’s front page anything that didn’t have an urgent claim on readers’ attention. So what made the cut that day, in addition to the dispatches from Cairo and Jerusalem? An article on gender imbalance among Wikipedia contributors. Barely 13 percent of the anonymous, volunteer contributors to the free online encyclopedia are female, according to a study by the Wikimedia Foundation.

The gender imbalance among Wikipedia contributors is not even news. The Wikimedia study came out in August 2009 and was covered by the Wall Street Journal at that time. In the 17 months (which the Times rounds down to “about a year”) that this report has been searing the Times‘ consciousness, the paper has come up with exactly zero new facts to explain the contributor imbalance. Instead, the paper recycles Women’s Studies bromides about a female-hostile society, providing a striking display of contemporary feminism’s intellectual decadence….

Read the entire piece here.

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2 Responses to “Wikipedia Is Male-Dominated. That Doesn’t Mean It’s Sexist.”

  1. Harper says:

    Sounds familiar. I recently commented in response to a blogpost at the oped website where my husband works. The piece was written by a feminist complaining about the “inherent misogyny” of organized religion. While the piece irked me, I was not inclined to comment–I have better things to do with my time. However, my husband asked me to share my thoughts when the authoress complained in the comments thread that all the commenters at that juncture had been men…even though most of those male commenters AGREED WITH HER POSITION.

    Naturally, I wrote a LONG response that quite thoroughly disagreed with her opinion.

  2. conservativation says:

    No surprise that those men agreed with her. Men are afriad of women now, and combined with mens innate desire to please women, you get that kind of reaction.

    I asked a pastor friend why he preaches so negatively about men and never speaks directly to women about issues women do have that are unique ro their gender. He said “because my wife and her friends are in the audience”

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