6 Options For Godly Single Women Wanting To Marry

Posted By on December 14, 2013

Editor’s Note: Number 7, Pray. Number 8, Buy the resources below which have better practical suggestions.

By  Pastor Mark Dricoll

I am currently preaching through Malachi and talking about Living for a Legacy. While the book does say that God is a Father seeking “godly offspring” through his people, my concern is that singles will feel isolated or overlooked in this series. So, I wanted to supplement the sermons with some additional thoughts for singles.

 “Daughters . . . Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. –Song of Songs 2:7 ”

These are tough times for godly single women who want to marry.

There are some single women who remain single for no good reason. I know plenty of them. Some have never married. Some married only to have their husband die. Others have been divorced by a guy who did not appreciate what he had and did not want to invest the energy it takes to make a great marriage. These are women who are friends of Grace and I, people we know well, women who are very godly, actively serving others, and well known in their church community. Of course, the world is also filled with singles who are not mature, godly, or stable, but I’m not talking about them.

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5 Responses to “6 Options For Godly Single Women Wanting To Marry”

  1. MrsDanny says:

    Mr. Driscoll made some good points, but his last point wasn’t as good as it could have been. Yes, Jesus was single on earth. However, His time on earth was spent preparing for marriage! This was pointed out by Voddie Baucham in “The Ministry of Marriage” (I think that’s the cd). Also, singleness was only “preferable” during times of great persecution (i.e. Christians as torches). Beside these items, point six still had some wonderfully encouraging words for singles (I can vouch for those as that is how I lived before marrying). =)

  2. BlessedHomemaking says:

    While the article does have some helpful tips, do you know the kind of horrible things Mark Driscoll spouts? Here are some of the things pulled up from his website. I really would not direct your readers to that site. http://marshill.com/search/results?q=sex

  3. LAF Editor says:

    Mrs. Danny,
    You’re right. Much more could be said and there are some great resources out there. A basic reminder to be faithful is refreshing. Mr. Driscoll is careful to point out some tempting thoughts that I suspect singles don’t realize other single are tempted by the same thoughts.

    Ministry of Marriage is also a talk we love to endorse also. Thanks for bringing it up. Here’s a link for future readers.


    Scott Brown also has a great talk called, “Correct Thinking About Singleness” which does much more than just offer sympathy.


    I think it’s the best I personally have heard so far. Here’s the blur from sermon audio

    In this message, Scott Brown reveals some important matters that single Christians need to consider as they navigate the sometimes difficult waters of singleness. First, he begins by speaking of the times we live and the questions and problems that modern single living presents. Second, he identifies important matters of the culture you build in your church that are either a blessing or harmful to singles. Third, he speaks of the kind of preparations that singles need to make to get themselves ready for marriage. Fourth, he explains some of the critical things that Jesus spoke on singleness. Finally, he reveals the most important matter for understanding the single years – the sovereignty of God.

    Thank you for being faithful and vigilant.

  4. Hobbit says:

    I wish Mark Driscoll would stop dumping on single men at what looks like every opportunity.

  5. Henry says:

    Well here is a 29yr old single young man in the opposite situation in the UK. I have a Christian faith, a biblical worldview, a bible and a job. There are practically no young ladies here in the UK that believe in a Christian account of manhood and womanhood. Is there someone that fancies exploring the possibility of moving out here? Would be happy to send you a profile…

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