Relevant: 3 Prayers We Need to Stop Praying – With Better Alternatives

Posted By on October 26, 2015

beccaneidle Compfight CC

beccaneidle Compfight CC

Accidental habits are easy to form and hard to break.

No one means to leave the towel on the floor every morning. Only the cruel and heartless consciously keep the toilet seat up. It certainly doesn’t take much self-discipline to become obsessed with a cellphone. We can snooze the alarm clock in our sleep. Maybe the scariest of all, a lot of drivers can make it to and from work without even thinking. It doesn’t take much to develop a habit.

Of course, habits can be healthy, and some are harmless. But still other habits can birth negative consequences in ways we never imagined.

The same goes for our faith. Spiritual habits can be healthy, harmless or harmful. When these habits don’t engage our hearts and minds, they’ll never touch our souls.

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