Why is There Death & Suffering – Free Booklet from Answers In Genesis.

Posted By on May 21, 2013

witdsWhen a major tragedy captures global attention, there’s usually much discussion in the media concerning how such things can be understood in terms of a loving God. While some Christian leaders are asked for their response (and usually falter, sad to report), atheists will often chime in and claim that there can’t be a loving God because of such a horrible calamity.

Tragedies, of course, are not confined to today. It wasn’t too long ago when an evil regime wiped out six million Jews and many others. In addition to the headline events, each of us suffers pain at one time or another—illness, headaches, accidents, and eventually death. It’s not surprising when the burdens become too great, that people cry out to  God in anguish, “Why don’t you do anything? Don’t you care?”

The true history of death, as understood from a literal Genesis, actually enables us to recognize a loving Creator who hates death.

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