‘Illegal’ babies abducted by Chinese population control officials

Posted By on May 27, 2011

From LifeSite News:

As Beijing continues to vigorously pursue its infamous one-child policy, PRI has gathered evidence showing that Chinese villagers who cannot afford to pay these fines have their “illegal” children abducted and sold by Chinese population control officials.

It is well known that those who violate the one-child policy have sometimes been subjected to coerced abortions or, if they have already given birth, have been forced to pay punitive fines and have been sterilized. For example, the birth control regulations posted in one town warned that those who violate the one-child policy shall be contracepted or sterilized:

Under the direction of the birth control bureaucracy and the technical personnel (assigned thereto), those married women of childbearing age who have already had one child shall be given an IUD; those couples that have already had a second or higher order child shall be sterilized. [Italics added]

This sterilization directive was confirmed in conversation with villagers. One woman, a Chinese minority, told us that the consequence of having a third child would be that the government “would take measures to sterilize you.”

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2 Responses to “‘Illegal’ babies abducted by Chinese population control officials”

  1. Attackwomb says:

    As a woman against the equal treatment of women, why do you have a problem with this?

  2. No one here is against the equal treatment of women — that’s called basic human rights. What we are against are special “rights” that injure others and seek to erase our special distinctions. I suggest you read our Theme Articles and http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/?page_id=62, which will help you understand where we are coming from rather than jumping to hasty conclusions. 😉

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