Abortion Breast Cancer Link-The Truth Comes Out

Posted By on July 7, 2010

It’s funny how we have to go to the UK to read the truth about the abortion breast cancer link. You won’t find this information in the NY Times. Read the article over here.

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7 Responses to “Abortion Breast Cancer Link-The Truth Comes Out”

  1. zoestercoaster says:


    I’ve found a wealth of information refuting these finds. cancer.org and cancer.gov are only two examples. cancer.org offers an in-depth article on the subject, which I encourage everyone to read and judge for themselves.

    WND is notorious for posting obviously biased and questionably scientific articles (soy milk makes men gay? really?) and I very strongly encourage to take any articles written on there a very hearty grain of salt and do some extra research. In fact, do that with every article ever, but especially with WND.

  2. keepdigging says:

    Hello ladies,

    I just wanted to point out that the article you linked to is from 2005 – that’s outdated for the current advances in technology and medical research. Also, the study was done in the UK – the article is from WorldNetDaily, an American web site that publishes content from a U.S. conservative perspective.

    I would just like to point out that if you’re going to publish research, you should publish research that means something.

    Best wishes,

    Keep Digging

  3. Typhoid Jerry says:

    The article you linked may possibly be the most poorly-written piece on the internet. There is no evidence of a link between breast cancer and abortion. You cannot list two separate statistics and claim correlation.

    Americans eat more Big Macs than anyone else in the world. Americans have one the highest life expectancies on the planet. Therefore, McDonald’s increases life expectancy.

    By posting this, you have discredited your website, your system of belief, and possibly the human race. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  4. We’re sticking to our guns on this one, folks. WND was not the source on this — they just pointed it out on another source. I worked in the same office as Scott Sommerville, the lawyer who first reported on the abortion-breast cancer link in 1993. I remember how ridiculed he was for taking this stand. But he was right. I’d recommend you all keep digging. Women deserve the truth:


  5. I was just talking with my OBGYN last week about this. He said that there definately is a link between abortion, hormonal birth control and breast cancer.

  6. snurgle says:

    Unfortunately this ‘research’ will do nothing to further the pro-life cause.

    The Pension and Population Research Institute is nothing but a subdomain on BT-Internet. The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons is a politically conservative and pro-life organisation. The study itself was funded by a pro-life organisation and the Medical Education Trust which is known for its anti-abortion stance.

    For people to take the pro-life cause seriously, then independant research needs to be done. Research paid for and provided by organisation with the view that abortion is wrong will only be dismissed as biased.

    Pro-lifers need to distance themselves from badly performed research like this rather than trumpet it as ‘proof’. This might be hard for you to hear, but by publicising this ‘research’ as truth, LAF are setting themselves up as deceitful in the eyes of those who they wish to convince.

  7. Snurgle, the exact same thing can be said of “research” funded and promoted by The Guttmacher Institute, which is an arm of Planned Parenthood dedicated to promoting abortion and birth control. Every single person on the planet has biases–there’s no such thing as a neutral person or institution. The question isn’t “Who is biased?” but “What kind of biases does this person or organization bring to the table?” Pro-life medical institutions have nothing to gain monetarily by publishing research that links abortion to breast cancer. But the abortion lobby has every reason to suppress and discredit such research. I recommend George Grant’s in-depth expose’ of Planned Parenthood, Grand Illusions. It is heavily footnoted and “follows the money.” Do we want to err on the side of women’s long-term health or err on the side of a “right” that has incredibly steep medical and emotional costs?

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