Asian marriage in trouble

Posted By on August 25, 2011

From Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet:

Asian marriage is in the news, with The Economist reporting on “the flight from marriage” in that part of the world and the London Telegraph noting the materialism which is delaying marriages in China.

As we saw last week, divorce is booming in China. But young urban women are also putting off marriage until they can find a man rich enough to already own a house, and preferably a car as well. Tying the knot without these things has become known as “naked marriage”. It’s a trend that seems to be partly driven by television shows. “I would choose a luxury house over a boyfriend that always makes me happy without hesitation,” said one 24-year-old on a very popular dating show.

Chinese authorities don’t like it — partly, no doubt, because of its demographic implications. The country that gave the world the one-child policy faces both a shortage of women (owing to sex-selective abortions) and an ageing tsunami; the childlessness that can result from delaying marriage indefinitely is not part of its grand plan.

Read the full piece HERE. In our newspaper this morning in Kenya there was a piece about bride-stealing in rural China. Dozens of men have reported the kidnapping of their wives, who are then held for ransom. The kidnappers know that if the husband cannot pay, they can always “sell” the wife as a bride to another man in a different province. This is just the tip of the iceberg as China faces a crisis it has created with its one-child policy that has tipped the scales in favor of male children and created a shortage of women for the next generation to marry.

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3 Responses to “Asian marriage in trouble”

  1. Amanda Read says:

    This brings to mind an article I recently wrote about Ted Turner’s support for China’s one-child policy:

    To see Vice President Biden also act oblivious to the damages of the one-child policy is disturbing!

    ~ Amanda

  2. defman says:

    So, there it is. There will be wars, men warring with each other over the few dwindling women. How sad.

  3. defman says:

    One-child-policy results in families dumping girls in favour of boys, resulting in imbalance population, too many men with too few women, and boom, women can pick and choose who they gives their wombs, and for a price, a house, a nice car, a sizable chunk of cash in the bank accounts… war is inevitable, it just gonna be huge.

    War will shrinnks the imbalances, so India and China go to war, pits their men against each other thus reducing the imbalances…. so their societies can handle lesser men…. then their women can catch up making more girl babies….

    Really sad… pendulum swinging back and forth… nuts.

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