“Fathers Are Still Essential”

Posted By on June 22, 2010

From Kathleen Parker’s column this week:

It’s that time of year when America celebrates the donor we used to call “Dad.”

Granted, many children still have in-house fathers, but millions don’t. Some fathers have become alienated through divorce. “Baby daddies” never were invited to the commitment party. Still others are anonymous in the truest sense — mere DNA donors who made a deposit and picked up a check….The latter are the subject of a new study — “My Daddy’s Name Is Donor” —

The study is thought-provoking and saddening at the same time. Read the rest of Parker’s article by clicking here. (Not for younger readers.)

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One Response to ““Fathers Are Still Essential””

  1. I am one of those ‘donor’ children. And while I adore my dad, the man who raised me, I feel a gaping hole in my heart because I don’t know my biological father. I blog about it here: http://donorchild.blogspot.com

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