Joanne Schieble’s Choice

Posted By on October 7, 2011


Granted that in 1954, unmarried pregnant women had “less” of a choice: either have an illegal abortion, get married, or give the baby in adoption. Joanne Schieble chose the latter.

Her generosity gave our generation the Apple computer, the ipod, iphone and ipads.

We even have the myriad of Pixar movies thanks to her, and to the love of Paul and Clara Jobs.

Our current “choice” is made up of mega-doses of hormones, early surgical procedure, and late surgical procedure. None of them allow us to get to know the person that is being eliminated for the sake of the mother’s wish.

Will this generation get to have their own Edison? Their own Ford? Their own Steve Jobs?

The full piece is HERE.

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2 Responses to “Joanne Schieble’s Choice”

  1. LVH says:

    I didn’t really understand the point of this piece. Was the point to encourage women to avoid abortions because their child could be the next Steve Jobs or Mozart or Albert Einstein?

    My retort would be “Will this generation get to have their own Charles Manson? Their own Timothy McVeigh? Their own Joseph Stalin?” What if their mothers had aborted them? Think of all the innocent lives that could have been saved!

    Although, if we want to base things on statistics and research; it could be argued that single women should get abortions over giving birth because of higher risks and associations that come with those children. These things could include higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse/use, promiscuity, higher high school dropout rate, increased chance of health-related problems, and increased chance of becoming criminals.

    Sorry, Mrs. Chancey. This piece isn’t “thought provoking” at all and is a poor, pointless argument from the pro-life side. Sure, it may be nice to think about the “what-ifs”, but the fact is we don’t know what the future holds. The pro-life side should stick to the baseline ethical and moral arguments; when does human life begin, should a fertilized human embryo be considered a person, should a woman be morally obligated to carry to term (even if she has been raped or her life was in danger), what right does the government (state or federal) have in medical matters dealing with a woman’s body and so on.

    By trying to take a sad event (such as the passing of Mr. Steve Jobs) and grossly misuse it–it makes pro-lifers look incredibly foolish.

  2. LVH, the point is that Joanne Schieble gave her child up for adoption to a wonderful married couple who provided him with the tools he needed to become the man he did. That is vastly different than just having a baby and neglecting it. No one can tell when a Mozart will be born or when the next Hitler will be born. Good and evil people are born all day every day. No one here promotes the idea of trying to figure out who is who and eliminate the evil. But it’s a known fact that adoption is a far better choice than abortion (see the articles here, here, and here as well) — for both the biological mothers and the parents who choose to make the child a part of their family.

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