Mississippi Personhood Vote Is Today (11/8/11)

Posted By on November 8, 2011

Jon Erwin (co-director of October Baby) talks about Amendment 26 in Mississippi and the vote happening there on 11/08/11. This video also includes an exclusive look at a scene from the movie “October Baby” in Limited theaters now across MS/AL.

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One Response to “Mississippi Personhood Vote Is Today (11/8/11)”

  1. Abbysmom says:

    Anyone who reads their local newspaper, watches or listens to local/national news broadcasts, or gets their news from a reputable web site must know this by now — The Mississippi law (Amendment 26) discussed above and in the video was defeated 55% to 45%. I read this in our local paper. I believe the article said that a higher percentage of women than men voted against the amendment. There was a quote from one woman who is pro-life but said that the amendment went too far.

    Just my opinion but in a politically and socially conservative state like Mississippi I would have thought the vote would have been much closer and possibly could have passed.

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