The Brutality of “Population Control”

Posted By on November 29, 2011

From Demography is Destiny:

About a month ago this tragic story from China surfaced in the Western media (the UK’s Guardian).  It’s a terribly sad story about a mother, Ma Jihong, who died on an operating table in Lijin, Shandong province, when she was forced by state officials to have a late-term abortion.  Why were they forcing her to have an abortion? Because Ma had dared to flout the Chinese one-child policy and was pregnant for the third time. …

This is where the rubber of state enforced birth control hits the road. This is the human tragedy and shocking human rights abuses that a state must commit if it wants to force a “population target” onto its people.  It’s all very well to talk about saving the planet and saying that human beings are the worst thing to happen to our planet’s ecology, but this is where trying to limit a population ends up in practice.  This kind of story is the reason why the myth of overpopulation and the new green religion that everyone must conform to or face condemnation as a heretic are so dangerous.

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