The Casey Anthony Verdict

Posted By on July 7, 2011

From Focus on the Family:

What comes of a society that will not tirelessly protect its children and their interests? What comes of a culture that does not value its children, considering them to be more burden than blessing?

A world with more tragic cases like Caylee Anthony….

No matter who you are or where you live, you’re called to positively influence children and help them understand who God is and that He loves them exactly as they are. “Whoever welcomes [a child] in my name welcomes me,” said Jesus.

It’s my prayer that in the wretchedness of this death and the aftermath of this trial that our society will be reminded again about the beauty and worth of every human life.

Read the entire piece HERE. As many commentators have noted, tragedies like these multiply in a culture of death. With over 50 million children aborted in the past 44 years in the US alone (50 million are aborted yearly worldwide), respect for life has withered. When children are increasingly seen as inconveniences or their lives as disposable, it naturally follows that legal protection for children correspondingly lessens.

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