Time to Review an ‘Ideal Family’?

Posted By on September 6, 2011

K. V. Sridhar of India’s Business Daily has posted a pointed commentary about sex-selective abortion and the “ideal family” in India:

A look at India’s census reveals a country obsessed by boys and sex-selection laws that no one will enforce. The continuing female feticide explains why the child sex ratio is getting worse. The latest census shows that the gap between the numbers of girls per 1,000 boys up to the age of six has broadened to 914, a decrease from 927 a decade ago, at the 2001 census. That puts me in a state of quandary. As a country are we moving forward or sliding backwards?

Whenever such numbers emerge the ugly blame game and pointing fingers begins. Well, fair enough. If we are pointing fingers then let us point it at ourselves first. We are, in some way or the other responsible for such numbers.

The government created a visual image of an “Ideal Family” with “Hum Do Humare Do” with the noble reason of birth control but knowingly or unknowingly propagated the portrayal of a boy and a girl as an “ideal family” ingraining it so deeply into the psyche that today the possibility of a second girl child has become out of question. We advertising people too intentionally or inadvertently contributed to that.

Read the full piece HERE.

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