“Friends with benefits”: but who benefits?

Posted By on August 23, 2011

From Mariette Ulrich at Mercatornet:

When I saw ads for the recently released Friends with Benefits, I thought I was experiencing déjà vu. Wasn’t that film released last year? Why no, the movie I had in mind was different, and it was titled No Strings Attached.

Well, not entirely different; same frivolous treatment of self-centred loveless sex; different week. When I did some IMDb research to find out a bit more, I came up with yet another title on the same theme, Friends (with Benefits), made in 2009.

Really? Three movies on the same ghastly topic in two short years? What’s up with that?…

The truth is that there is no winning going on at all, except perhaps at the box office. No one, save Hollywood executives, benefits from this lifestyle choice, society least of all. In the supposedly ‘ideal’ FwB situation, both partners are emotionally detached, enjoying the physicality of sex while dismissing the bond that is meant to unite them in something very intimate, beautiful and long-lasting (some of us would call it “marriage”). In other words, the woman is just as selfish, flippant and non-committal as a man. Doesn’t sound like the type of folks you’d want to be the parents of future generations.

Read the entire piece HERE. (Not for young readers.)

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One Response to ““Friends with benefits”: but who benefits?”

  1. Amanda Read says:

    Earlier this year I came across an article in The Blaze titled, “Sex Author: ‘Friends with Benefits is ‘Scientifically Impossible'”: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/sex-author-friends-with-benefits-is-scientifically-impossible/

    It features an expert reiterating the obvious facts about why “FwB” can’t bring about positive results.

    That makes me wonder – will science have to take the place of conscience for some people? What will convince them to reevaluate their actions?

    ~ Amanda

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