Sex and the Public Order

Posted By on October 24, 2013

Marriage, and the families to which it gives rise, play a fundamental role in human life. They provide a setting that is uniquely suitable for bringing the new generation into the world. It is much harder for children to grow up well if they lack a stable family with a mother and a father. Families also care for the old, sick, and unfortunate. When they are weakened that care becomes more and more the responsibility of government, which is badly positioned to tailor its response to individual situations. The result is that some go unaided, while others are tempted by the rewards on offer, and there is a rise in the numbers claiming benefits that eventually makes the system unsustainable.

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One Response to “Sex and the Public Order”

  1. pizza says:

    You mentioned in another post that only women should practice gynecology. How might a woman accomplish that skill without doing many of the things you oppose – such as going off to a university and working alongside men? I’m not talking about just midwifery, but also pap smears, mammograms, cancer screenings, etc.

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