The War on the Word Marriage

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It’s hard to believe that this is even an argument in support of the the homosexual movement. Logically the argument is a cat chasing it’s own tail. There’s no need for homosexuals to fight for a right that is already granted. Homosexuals already have the right to marry, that is marry heterosexually, according to the defined definition of marriage. That definition which they said they weren’t changing.

So if we spin in the mental circles they are creating long enough does that make us dizzy enough to believe them? The merry-go-round is for children and we’re grown up enough to realize that the only way it goes around is for someone to stand by and keep the thing spinning.

From Robin Phillips and

Though gay rights advocates said they didn’t want to change the definition of marriage, change it they did.

Last year when the debate about same-sex marriage raged through America and Britain, there was widespread concern regarding the cultural consequences of changing the definition of marriage. In response to these concerns, the gay rights lobby frequently denied that the meaning of marriage was hanging in the balance.

“We are not wanting to change the definition of marriage,” the champions of gay marriage would repeatedly point out. “We simply want to expand the pool of people eligible to get married.”

Now that the dust has settled, it has become undeniable that they did want to change the definition of marriage, with far-reaching cultural consequences.

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One Response to “The War on the Word Marriage”

  1. irisT says:

    look state mariage is a civil contract. So the state has something to say about that…

    Church mariage is a convenant. God has to say something about that..

    You can call a skunk a rose but he still smells. You can living together of 2 man a mariage, it still isnot right in the eyes of God.

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