WND: Schlafly Says Marriage Ruling ‘Not the End, It’s the Beginning’

Posted By on June 29, 2015

11403100_1130187613664124_4337606943413959610_nSchlafly believes the decision will create a new political movement and more legal challenges. She drew a comparison to the issue of abortion, which is “settled law” but remains a hot political issue generating opposition from millions of Americans.

“A lot of people thought when the Supreme Court handed down its bad decision in Roe v Wade, well the Supreme Court has spoken and that’s it. That settles it. Well, it didn’t settle it. It was just the beginning of a big fight. And eventually that decision’s going to be overturned. But, meanwhile, we’ve cut big holes in it because the American people did not accept the ‘rule of law’ that one human being could belong to another human being.

“The same thing will happen here. I don’t agree that Americans should submit to unilateral rule by what Lincoln called ‘that imperial tribunal.’ That’s not the kind of government we have. If we’re going to change any laws they should go through the legislative process. The idea that basically one judge should basically remake the law, a law that has been law since long before our Constitution was adopted, is just not acceptable.”

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