Baby shock! Celebrity couple snub population police

Posted By on August 16, 2011

From a great piece over on Mercatornet:

In their zeal to preserve the planet from the scourge of babies, these activists overlook the fact that humans are problem solvers and producers as well as consumers. They forget that the solution to poverty is not to eradicate poor people, but to use human creativity, innovation and solidarity to create a broader distribution of the Earth’s resources and to reform the corrupt political structures that stop citizens in developing nations from accessing basic necessities.

Although Erlich’s acolytes may be hopelessly locked in the 1960s when it comes to their population views, more demographers and economists are recognizing the truth our ancestors knew well: that children are not burdens but blessings, keys to our future prosperity and guarantors of our social safety net. For a nation on the brink of insolvency, that’s reason enough to congratulate the Beckhams and the millions of parents like them who are making sacrifices today to raise up a new generation that will benefit all of us tomorrow.

Read the whole piece at THIS LINK.

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2 Responses to “Baby shock! Celebrity couple snub population police”

  1. defman says:


    that children are not burdens but blessings, keys to our future prosperity and guarantors of our social safety net.

    It’s about time people start thinking of children as valuable and precious members of mankind!

    hip, hip, hooray!

  2. ladyscott says:

    Have you ever noticed that the population police always attack stable, married (heterosexual) couples? They never go after homosexuals who use environmentally unsound (not to mention ethically questionable) means to conceive. They never go after single women who go through sperm donors. They never go after the infertile who cannot naturally have children and thus use environmentally unsound methods to conceive. (I’m not blasting the married couple who battle infertility.) They promote birth control which has proven to be environmentally damaging. They wouldn’t dare promote abstinence and self control (except for married couples).

    If they were TRULY concerned about the so-called population boom and the perceived damages to the environment, they would do all that I typed above. It is obviously an Enemy-led attack on families.

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