End The Three-Month Wait For Sharing A Pregnancy

Posted By on August 28, 2014

End The Three-Month Wait For Sharing A Pregnancy

The Duggar family, of reality TV fame, are rarely described as “brave.” They have 19 children (“and counting,” as the title of their reality show declares) and are thus objects of fascination if not scorn. Yet the seemingly mundane act from one of the bunch recently did, in a strikingly quiet way, demonstrate a bit of courage.

It’s not that Jill Duggar has unabashedly prioritized getting married and starting a family at a young age, although that’s honestly a little refreshing these days. Before her wedding just two months ago, Duggar had never even held her future husband’s hand. Now the couple is on the cover of People Magazine announcing their pregnancy.

Something about that made me squirm. According to my handy pregnancy calculator, Duggar (whose married name is Dillard) was at most nine weeks along at the time of the cover story, short of the traditional 12-13 when most couples make any sort of public announcements regarding their pregnancies. What about the announcement made me so uncomfortable?

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