What We Can Learn From The Duggar Family: Life is Precious

Posted By on December 23, 2011

Last week, the Duggar family (20 Kids and counting) made headlines when they held a funeral service and shared photos of their stillborn 19 week-old baby.

Here’s why I think it was right, and important for them to show their child to the world. Our culture is fighting against itself- on one hand, we tell women that their babies are “products of conception” or “tissue,” and on the other hand, we cheer the tiny ones, the premature babies that beat the odds and survive despite being born weighing a pound or less. We fight for the prosecution of abusers who end an unborn baby’s life through their violent acts, while fighting for doctors and policies that end the life of the unborn by the thousands, ever day. We’re at war with our own conscience.

Read the full piece HERE.


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5 Responses to “What We Can Learn From The Duggar Family: Life is Precious”

  1. defman says:

    This is true. The stillborn, aborted, etc, ARE persons in the making, as God knew them before they was made and knew them after… just as I have lost my babies, a 3 month old embryo and a 1 month old egg yolk, on a ultrasound picture, aborted simply because my ex-girlfiend about 12 years ago claims her doctor told her they was endangering her life. I had no power, no influence to check if this was true. She was a drug addict and an alcholic as well as a prescription addict of various sorts that she gets from her three doctors… despite years of my time trying to “help” her get well, it all failed. I lost heart and I do not know if I’ll ever regain my trust in good women, although I do know they are good, mostly, I just do not want to end up with another women like my ex, lost in her own hells, with drugs numbing her existence… I will never know if our aborted babies might have grown up to be a great influence on society, perhaps an artist, or a writer, or a painter, or a mechanic, or a banker, or who knows… I have an empty spot in my heart for my lost babies… I’ll never be “with” women like I was with my ex, I would not do that, for me, better to live a biblical life than live in sin and maybe accidentally repeating the same mistakes. For I do not like to make the same mistake twice.

    Guard your children, from the moment they’re made in the womb, guard them well, to when they’re grown, and infused in them a love for Jesus, for nothing else on this planet will ever loves them so well as Jesus does with all His HEART…

    Praise Jesus.

  2. Jessie says:

    Beautifully written!

  3. dawnbeard says:

    I believe the pictures are precious. And people need to know that it really is a baby that is in the womb.
    the different sites that you have to go to to see the pictures act as if the pictures are disturbing, there is a sadness in the loss of life, but they are not disturbing. That baby girl is precious and her feet and hands are beautiful

  4. Francie Moore says:

    The Duggers are an inspiration to all!

  5. MrsV says:

    I appreciate what the Duggars have done show how precious their baby is to them. Miscarriages are often treated so oddly in our society, it’s as if you don’t have the right to grieve. When I miscarried, someone asked me in the rudest tone “Are you over this yet?” And this person was a churchgoer! It is nice to see the baby celebrated, instead of being swept under the rug, so to speak.

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