Why Have Babies?

Posted By on July 2, 2013

You may think your reasons for having babies are biblical, but if you’re like me, you’ve absorbed a lot more culture and a lot less Bible than you realize.

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One Response to “Why Have Babies?”

  1. irisT says:

    and babies are cute too 😉 When my husband and i got married people were shocked that we started babies right away. I had 3in 4 years…. and even in church the comments were negative.

    Because now i could not pursue a ministry…my children are my ministry! Because i now could not serve God (what do the call raising a family then)….

    Unfortunally with the birth of my last one it was said that it was very dangerous to have another one…Otherwise i would have liked 16 more 😉
    But hey, my family depends on my income, my husband needs my help in the housekeeping etc… So no more babies. Sadly enough no one understands my sadness. because i have 3 children..

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