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For This We Give Thanks

November 24, 2016 | Author:

© Plymouth Famers' Market, Plimoth Plantation

© Plymouth Famers’ Market, Plimoth Plantation

…Lastly, (and which was not least,) a great hope and inward zeal [the Pilgrims] had of laying some good foundation, or at least to make some way thereunto, for the propagating and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world; yea, though they should be but even as stepping-stones unto others for the performing of so great a work…”

As we gather together today with gratefulness to our Pilgrim forebearers to count the multiplied just and merciful Providences in the history of our nation and families, we remember the character and virtue of a people who’s legacy we must preserve for generations to come. As they lived, we must also live wholeheartedly and deliberately according to the Scriptures, laying down our lives willingly, trusting God as we press forward the crown rights of Jesus Christ, that we might establish a nation that acknowledges the glory of God by the light of the Gospel.

In restoring the biblical view of womanhood…

“…We verily believe and trust that the Lord is with us, unto Whom and Whose service we have given ourselves in many trials; and that He will graciously prosper our endeavors according to the simplicity of our hearts therein…”

We have a charge equally important to that which God places on the shoulders of men. The sin, the silliness, and the cynicism of today’s women is far reaching and yet in the midst of it all, the Lord has blessed our efforts in creating a culture of Christian womanhood that has blossomed and advanced a skilled, peaceful, courageous, and virtuous way of life for our daughters.

“…We are well weaned from the delicate milk of our mother country, and inured to the difficulties of a strange and hard land, which by patience we have largely overcome…It is not with us as with other[s] whom small things can discourage, or small discontentments cause to wish themselves at home again…”

Even as feminism seeks to daily entangle us still, with the tyranny of socialism, women living counter culturally by daily seeking to be conformed to God’s will as revealed in the Scriptures, become the earthquake that will topple the badly built forms of feminism. We know to daily depose self from its throne and acknowledge Christ as Lord in faith and obedience, is to daily win a battle.

To the many women unnamed who live for Christ in the quiet keeping of their homes, we give thanks. We know you’re out there and we know your faithfulness will extend, by the blessing of God, for generations. May this today’s celebrations be for you a blessed and joyous occasion remembering God’s faithfulness to us is the same faithfulness He extended to our fore-mothers. God bless you.

Desiring God: 7 Ways To Pray On Election Day

November 8, 2016 | Author:

shot in b/w... four pair of hands, father, mother, son, daughter.

Father, we are an anxious and fearful people. For all of our bluster and bragging, we are so easily shaken. We are anxious about money, anxious about the future, anxious about the economy, anxious about the election, anxious about our enemies, anxious about food, anxious about health, anxious about safety, anxious about everything under the sun. We live in so much fear. And we confess that anxiety is fundamentally a form of pride. Our anxiety is our sinful and arrogant reaction to the truth that we are not ultimately in control.

This is a great evil.

Father, as your people, we too live in fear. We have baptized the worries and anxieties of the world. We have feared what they fear, and lived in dread of what they dread. And in our fear and anxiety, we have become reactionary and easily manipulated. And because our anxiety and fear feels so justified by the riskiness of life, we do not feel it to be really sinful. We do not feel the arrogance in our insecurities.

Forgive us, O God, in your great mercy.

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Walsh: Clinton Win Not a Victory for Women

November 7, 2016 | Author:



Hillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi

[A] Hillary Clinton victory will not be a victory for women. It will be a victory for the Democrats, for liberal elites, for the multiple foreign governments who’ve hacked her emails, for Wall Street bankers, for the media, for whoever stitches together her sci-fi pantsuits, for fans of spirit cooking, for her SNL impersonator; it will be a victory for all sorts of nefarious people, none more so than Hillary herself, but the average American woman will lose as much from her reign as we unevolved men.

[A] Hillary Clinton victory will be a victory for corruption. The most corrupt and distrusted nominee in the history of the country will have ascended all the way to the pinnacle of power, proving not that the American people are progressive forward thinkers, but that we have a virtually unlimited tolerance for tyranny and corruption. Many aspiring despots in the future — men and women alike — will surely take advantage of this tolerance, but that can no more be considered a victory for the female gender than it can be considered a victory for the male gender or for any of the mythological genders in between the two.

I, for one, would never defame women in such a way as to make Hillary Rodham Clinton into their crowning achievement. Indeed, calling Hillary’s potential presidency a triumph for women is like calling Anthony Weiner’s career a triumph for Jews. Neither the Jewish people nor the women of America deserve to be defined by the most pitiful and degenerate among them.

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How Pam Dorr Turned A Town Around

November 7, 2016 | Author:

Since 2011, Pam Dorr of Greensboro, Alabama has created 11 small businesses and 50 new jobs. About $15 million in profits since 2006 have built affordable housing for hundreds of people in seven counties. CBS NEWS

Since 2011, Pam Dorr of Greensboro, Alabama has created 11 small businesses and 50 new jobs. About $15 million in profits since 2006 have built affordable housing for hundreds of people in seven counties. CBS NEWS

Feminism creates dependency on socialism. It undermines the potential greatness of mankind and reduces us to children squabbling over a meager dinner on the government’s dinner table, placed there through redistribution. Pam Dorr on the other hand, is a great example of a private citizen creating human flourishing (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness) through an independent free market, understanding that resources aren’t limited, that opportunities are endless if we’re willing to be a responsible self-governing people.

Read on and find out how Dorr turns around small anemic town, creating jobs, reversing welfare situations, building businesses, and more. Love, humility, gratitude go a long way toward creating human flourishing in society.

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Douthat: The Post-Familial Election

November 7, 2016 | Author:


“you should have had more children when you had the chance.”

My maternal great-grandfather had five children, four of whom lived to have families of their own. His son, my grandfather, also had five children, two sons and three daughters, who grew up as part of a dense network of cousins.

On my father’s side, the families were a little smaller. But my dad was one of three siblings, meaning that I had six aunts and uncles overall.

Then the social revolutions of the 1970s arrived. There were divorces, later marriages, single parenthood, abortions. In the end all those aunts and uncles, their various spouses and my parents — 12 baby boomers, all told — only had seven children: myself, my sister and five cousins.

The Obama White House’s “Life of Julia” ad campaign in 2012 — featuring a woman whose every choice was subsidized by the government from cradle to grave, with a lone child but no larger family or community in sight — seemed to many conservatives like a perfect confirmation of our fears: Here was liberalism explicitly pitching the state as a substitute for kith and kin.

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AV: The most important election of our lifetimes

October 11, 2016 | Author:


I write this little exposé because after yesterday’s article, some people reacted with abject panic: “then what do we do! One of these two is going to end up in the White House! SCOTUS justices are at stake! Hillary hates America! But Trump’s so bad! What do we do! This could be the most important election ever!”

This panic suggests these readers have little sense of history and/or have not read or understood much that American Vision has been doing since 1978. They have not gotten the central messages of God and Government and Restoring America One County at a Time.

The first book taught us that all government starts with self-government and family government. Yet Christians continue to act as if they can fix this nation via the centralized powers of Washington, D.C., before they get their own houses and churches in order. It. Won’t. Happen. And trying to do so is bad stewardship.

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Challies: Beyond 5 Love Languages

October 5, 2016 | Author:

Freepik @paymphotography

Freepik @paymphotography

“The challenge and joy of love languages is not in demanding someone else learn to speak my language or manipulating them until they learn to do so. It is in learning how to speak other languages, to receive love in new ways. As long as I am satisfied with only the language I prefer, I miss out on the joy of those other four languages and the millions of others that exist beyond the reductionist categories.”

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Unbroken Faith Ministries: A Hopeful Charge in Light of Chief’s Justice Moore’s Removal

October 1, 2016 | Author:


With the sanctity of marriage under vicious attack by runaway despots and Chief Justice Moore removed from office in Alabama yesterday, it’s easy to grow discouraged at the state of our land. Yet the Chief’s legal counsel made a statement in his defense that we should take to heart: “The best antidote for unreality is reality.”1

A key point to consider is this: While we can’t deny the destructiveness that false notions of law and marriage have brought about, we must nonetheless recognize that the living out of a god-centered, mission-minded marriage brings hope and transformation to a culture, over time, that no lawless tyrants can quell. God’s command to Adam and Eve and His promise to Abraham must be remembered at this critical hour. To history’s first couple, the Almighty declared:

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” (Gen. 1:28).

It was through fruitful, dominion-oriented marriage that the world was to be subdued then, and it is through fruitful, dominion-oriented marriage that the world is to be subdued now, even as the heathen rage.

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The American Vision: The blasphemous attack on unalienable rights of children

October 1, 2016 | Author:

912537 Designed by Freepik @asierromero

912537 Designed by Freepik @asierromero

Have you ever heard a parent tell a child, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out”? We hear it many times, but probably don’t stop to think of the spirit of such a comment and what it means for our society.

A nation comprised of parents who speak as if they’re gods to their children will be a citizenry that speaks as if it is God.

Our fight for our rights in this country are not just personal offences, it is theological. Tyranny echoes the same attitude of the rebellious son who deserves capital punishment: one that rejects God. If we truly believe that the rights we have are not owed to us based on any document by the founders of this country, but because they are endowed to us by our Creator, then any over-extension of authority is ultimately an attack on God. For the government to infringe upon our rights is ultimately to blaspheme God. God says he has given us these rights which are unchangeable in this life and the government says they have given them and can take them away.

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Empowered – Developing Strong Women for Kingdom Service

September 27, 2016 | Author:


“Strong women are integral to building a godly culture. However, many Christian circles are riddled with unsound doctrines, humanistic stereotypes, and hidden abuses that cripple the influence of women in their homes, churches, and communities. In these essays, Andrea Schwartz explores how Christ’s absolute authority, the protection of the trustee family, the justice of God’s law in abuse cases, and the careful study of Scripture liberates and empowers the Christian woman to take her vital place in the cause of Christ’s Great Commission.”

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Finding Abundance in Less – De-clutter Toys and Gain Perspective

September 27, 2016 | Author:

Allie Casazza was drowning. In toys.

“I had this huge room in my house, dedicated to toys,” she told ABC News. “Bins overflowing with stuff. A $150 light-up unicorn no one played with. The playroom was the bane of my existence.”

She describes a scene familiar to many moms. “I’d send the kids into the playroom and they’d dump out a few things. They’d be back moments later, saying they were bored and asking for snacks,” she said.

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Bless The Brookshires In This Time Of Loss

September 22, 2016 | Author:



Many of you know and have been blessed by the Brookshire family. They have served the Christian community locally and by their work through Noble Rose Press, MamaShire, The Breezy-Tulip Studio, Simply Vintage Girl, and Clemetine Pattern Co.

Rob Brookshire, beloved husband to Robin and father to Emily and Breezy departed to be with the Lord last night.

“I am continually with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will receive me to glory.”
—Psalm 73:23-24

In August he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which had spread to his lymphatic system. Today, he is gone. Please lift up Robin, Emily, and Breezy in your prayers and consider offering support in this time of need. Visit the gofundme page here.

LifeNews: Planned Parenthood Capitalizes on Zika Scare

September 6, 2016 | Author:


Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry were quick to jump on the abortion bandwagon for pregnant women with confirmed or suspected cases of the Zika virus. But a recent, expansive study has cast legitimate doubt on the Zika/microcephaly connection.

Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry were quick to insert themselves into the medical crisis because they’re absolutely desperate to link abortion to any perceived common good and they thought the Zika virus was their ride to glory. As a result, they’ve been advocating abortion for at-risk pregnant women. Planned Parenthood even hired canvassers to go door-to-door in Miami.

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Highlands Ministries: Don’t Be Too Nice

September 4, 2016 | Author:


“It is right to be patient and kind, but Christian character has a firmness to it that does not meekly step aside when walking in the right. We must learn to live out biblical joy and love and submission within the context of a world packed with people who have, in many ways, set themselves up in opposition to their Creator. We need to learn to build our character within the parameters God has ordained. So, we don’t express joy for our friend’s homosexual union because we cannot rejoice in what God hates; we don’t practice submission to an authority which is demanding we participate in unrighteousness; and we don’t meet injustice with meek acceptance. It matters that we understand Christian character traits as God intended us to rather than adopting worldly definitions. God establishes fences to show us what words like love, submission, and compassion mean and He intends for us to live them out…”

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Challies: Marriage vs. Co-Habitation

September 3, 2016 | Author:

wedding photos

“Private assurances are terribly easy to break; they evaporate like the morning dew. … But when all my wider family, my friends, my work colleagues, and my neighbors know I have publicly made this pledge, then I am much more inclined to keep it. I do not want them thinking I am a liar. And marriage begins precisely with those public promises.”

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