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Plexus Virtual Health Event Starts Today!

November 9, 2015 | Author:


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Growing Home: Feminism Has Given Me An Adjective I Should Not Need

November 9, 2015 | Author:


Earlier this year, we moved to a new neighborhood. I love to garden and our kids adore playing outside. When the warm weather arrived, we spent many evenings in the front yard. I would often prune the boxwood hedge or pick weeds, and the kids would ride their bicycles up and down the sidewalk, or kick a ball around with Daddy.

It didn’t take long for our front yard to become the place for the neighborhood kids to congregate after supper. We didn’t mind. It meant their parents trusted us and considered our home a fun and safe place for their children to be, and we could monitor language, behavior, and other influences better on our own property. Often, the parents would mill around, too, and we’d end up unofficially hosting neighborhood meet-and-greet’s.

During one of the initial conversations I had with the Moms in our neighborhood, I realized for the first time that feminism has given me an adjective I should not need.

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Mercatornet: Fighting Back for Love and Fidelity

November 9, 2015 | Author:

caitlin_zpstfbaklrdI was in college at Princeton at the time of the founding of the first Anscombe Society, and thought what they were doing was probably a pretty good thing, but I didn’t really understand the need for it. I bought into plenty of the lies of the hook up culture. Didn’t most people in the hook up culture like it? Who was it really hurting, anyway? Didn’t they grow out of it and figure out how to date and establish healthy relationships that would become healthy marriages?

Well, it didn’t take much time after graduation to discover that wasn’t true – and that the me-first or career-first mentality of most graduates (both men and women) devalued marriage, children, and family life – demoting them the status of a mere accessory or lifestyle choice rather than the central arena of human flourishing. I had a day job at a consulting firm, but on the side I started writing about these topics and jumped at the chance to join the Love and Fidelity Network when they approached me about it.

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Adweek: 24 People Who Applied for the World’s Toughest Job Were In for Quite a Surprise

November 9, 2015 | Author:

The Boston agency posted a job listing online for a “director of operations” position at a company called Rehtom Inc. The requirements sounded nothing short of brutal Only 24 people inquired. They interviewed via webcam, and their real-time reactions were captured on video.

(via adweek)

DeMar: Gloria Steinem – Killing My Unborn Child Allowed Me ‘To Live My Life’

November 6, 2015 | Author:

gloria steinem meme

Murder and the temper tantrum mindset.

She didn’t kill her unborn child because she had been raped or her physical health was in jeopardy. She killed her guiltless unborn child because he or she was an inconvenience.

Killing her unborn child took the life of an innocent person so Steinem could live the way she wanted to live.

Mothers have killed their born children for the same reason. Husbands have killed wives, and wives husbands because they wanted to live their lives freely.

People rob banks so they can live their life unencumbered by the lack of funds.

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Jamming with your toddler: how music trumps reading for childhood development

November 4, 2015 | Author:

Krypto Compfight CC

Krypto Compfight CC

Forget the Mozart Effect and Baby Einstein, take it easy on acquisitions for your two-year-old’s private library, and don’t fret if your three-year-old hasn’t started violin lessons just yet.

The key to unlocking a child’s potential intelligence and happiness may indeed lie in music, but succumbing to the commercial juggernaut that is the baby-genius-making industry may not be in either your child or your wallet’s best interest.

Instead, try making up songs with your toddler. A new study suggests that regular informal music-making with very young children may even have benefits above and beyond those of reading.

But there’s an important, interesting, and somewhat beautiful catch – for best results, make it shared music-making in your home.

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From Government Schools to Homeschool, One Family’s Journey

November 4, 2015 | Author:

What happens when one family decides to think out side the box and question what learning truly is? After finding government schools to be inadequate, invasive, and even detrimental for their children, after questioning the path they were on and seeking alternatives, they find they do have better options as well as a right to determine how their children will be educated. Schools are failing to keep up with the times and children suffer because of it. Education places children on a path of trajectory which will impact their whole lives. Follow this family’s discovery of an educational approach that allows their children to flourish, to excel, and to explore their individual potential without hindrance. There is a better way.

Purchase your copy here

Homemaking: The Truth About Cast Iron Pans

November 3, 2015 | Author:

cast iron

Cooks seeking alternatives to toxic non-stick cookware often find themselves in a bind. Stainless steel, which seems to be the healthiest alternative, is expensive, and it does not lend itself well to cooking eggs, pancakes and other dishes that non-stick cookware typically excels at. If you have not yet discovered the benefits of cast iron cooking, here are 10 reasons to buy and use a cast iron skillet.

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Empowerment vs. Grace

November 2, 2015 | Author:


Feminism is based on empowerment which encourages the elevation of women by a ‘strength’ (read pride and self will) rooted in mankind. The strength of biblical womanhood is rooted and founded in Christ, alone. It is in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28. This is the first principle of religion. He chose us. We didn’t choose Him. Choice is a misnomer to the feminist. The feminist doctrine of Women’s Choice motivated Eve to embrace empowerment by which all mankind is now born in sin of which there is no escaping. By the feminist doctrine of choice women have torn down their own households, making them unfriendly and hostile to true faith in the spirit of liberation and egalitarianism. By the feminist doctrine of choice, women have killed their own children in the name of empowerment and equality as if to unshackle themselves, perceiving men to be similarly liberated. But all of mankind is beholden to Jesus Christ. Only in Christ are we made whole. In Christ we are rendered capable of choosing wisely, of walking obediently, of being elevated in blessings and in christian graces known only to the Christian who is the workmanship of Christ. In Christ, we, wholly dependent on Him, are capable of making beauty in the ash heap of feminism. In Him, families are raised, life created, and we are sustained by His hand, according to His direction, and for His glory unto eternity. Feminism promises earthly rewards it can not deliver. Christ is everything upon this earth an in eternity and by Him we live a newness of life unattainable by any other means. We don’t need feminism. There is no power in the feminist doctrine of choice. We need Christ.

Spurgeon Family Life

October 30, 2015 | Author:


Charles and Susannah’s joyful marriage was built upon Scripture reading and prayer. Susannah remembered how thoroughly devoted Charles was to family worship. Whether they “lodged in some rough inn on the mountains or in the luxurious rooms of a palatial hotel in a city,” they did not neglect reading the Bible and praying together.

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Thomas: Please Don’t Marry Him

October 27, 2015 | Author:

one such moment...

A dysfunctional dating relationship sealed by marriage doesn’t make any problems go away; it simply cements you in a dysfunctional marriage.

Marriage won’t improve your man. Marriage won’t change your man. (The same is true of a woman, of course.) Marriage simply weds you to your partner’s problems.

When you raise a significant issue in dating and the man or woman responds by crying and saying they’re sorry, nothing has changed. They’ve been caught, they don’t want to lose you, but it doesn’t mean they will repent. It doesn’t mean their character will improve. It just means they cried.

That’s it.

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Relevant: 3 Prayers We Need to Stop Praying – With Better Alternatives

October 26, 2015 | Author:

beccaneidle Compfight CC

beccaneidle Compfight CC

Accidental habits are easy to form and hard to break.

No one means to leave the towel on the floor every morning. Only the cruel and heartless consciously keep the toilet seat up. It certainly doesn’t take much self-discipline to become obsessed with a cellphone. We can snooze the alarm clock in our sleep. Maybe the scariest of all, a lot of drivers can make it to and from work without even thinking. It doesn’t take much to develop a habit.

Of course, habits can be healthy, and some are harmless. But still other habits can birth negative consequences in ways we never imagined.

The same goes for our faith. Spiritual habits can be healthy, harmless or harmful. When these habits don’t engage our hearts and minds, they’ll never touch our souls.

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Amy Loux: An Incompatible Marriage

October 26, 2015 | Author:

Parker Knight, Compfight CC

Parker Knight, Compfight CC

When it comes to romantic relationships our society is obsessed with finding the “perfect match” or “soul mate”. Personality tests, attraction, chemistry…these are the things we talk about when we think of compatibility. It’s all a little nebulous, but apparently “when you know, you know”…that spark or indescribable connection is what separates the others from “the one”.

There is a notion that finding someone who is truly compatible with you is the bedrock of a strong marriage. It’s about finding the “right person” to spend the rest of your life with; that one person who will bring out the best in you and vice versa. Family background, future goals and attraction are the basis of this decision making. We think of this compatibility as glue, and the stronger the better.

There’s only one problem…compatibility is not what holds a marriage together.

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MercatorNet: It shouldn’t be ground-breaking that women are not men

October 26, 2015 | Author:

premasagar Compfight CC

premasagar Compfight CC

[Editor’s note: In the end, our goal isn’t to achieve a purer form of feminism, but biblical femininity. This is an important distinction. This article is a rich and rewarding read otherwise. Enjoy!]

The struggle to get more women into CEO jobs and boardrooms can seem like a puzzle where the pieces don’t quite fit together.  Juggling pressured work and young children can seem like squeezing a square peg into a round hole.  The sides grind against each making everyone wonder if there’s a better way.  This is exactly what Anne-Marie Slaughter has now come to appreciate in her new book ‘Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family’.  The book revises the approach she took in her highly popular 2012 Atlantic article ‘Why women still can’t have it all’ to make some really salient points about womanhood. She comments of her title that:

The reason behind “unfinished business” is that describes most working caregivers’ lives, certainly working mothers. If you talk to a woman between 30 and 50 who is taking care of kids and holding down a job, she will say, “My entire life is unfinished business. I never get to finish anything. I never feel like I’m ever doing anything all the way.”

The real rub is why people don’t appreciate motherhood and raising children as an admirable job in itself.  Why do some so-called feminists seem to think that being in a boardroom in a sharply cut suit is so much more useful and worthy?

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MercatorNet: Do We Need Fertility Education?

October 24, 2015 | Author:


[Editor’s note: The responsibility of education falls to parents not the state. A statist system will always put itself first. But this article does reveal a severe lack of understanding when it comes to basic biology. Some which feminism worked so hard to cover-up, deny, and manipulate. God’s design is perfect however. ]

[M]en can father children well into old age (for example, Charlie Chaplin fathered a child at the age of 73). A woman, however, has a limited supply of eggs in her ovaries at birth and cannot produce new ones, so that her “biological clock” runs much more quickly than a man’s. This now causes “obvious imbalance and tension between the sexes”. As Pacey states:

“When couples were still having their babies at 20 these differences didn’t really matter. But within a generation, most developed countries have seen an increase in the age at which men and women start to have children. Typically in the UK, first-time parents are now over 30. Each year this age rises still further. There will come a point, however, at which the average age couples start to try to become parents will be incompatible with their reproductive biology.” (Emphasis added.)
As we delay having children we are coming up against some hard biological facts.

Unfortunately, people tend to be averse to having uncongenial facts pointed out to them and would rather shoot the messenger. –

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