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Feminism, Homosexuality and the Church: How the New Christian Left is twisting the Gospel

March 17, 2015 | Author:

Merlijn Hoek Compfight, cc

Merlijn Hoek Compfight, cc

[Editor’s Note: The publishing of this article is not an endorsement of the leaders mentioned this article.]

My parents will tell you that even though I was raised in church, I morphed into a full-fledged feminist, told my parents they were ignorant for not endorsing homosexuality and bought into the distorted social justice rhetoric that confuses caring for the poor with advancing socialist or big government systems and demonizing the United States for its free market system.

I’m not ashamed to share my story because my experiences and those of my fellow bold evangelicals are a testimony of God’s awesome, transforming power. Being countercultural for Christ isn’t easy. What does the Great Commission say? Jesus commanded us to go, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:20).

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Sproul: Birth Control is Baby Control

March 17, 2015 | Author:

Shemer Compfight CC

Shemer Compfight CC

The problem with Margaret Sanger is not that she opposed birth, but that she opposed babies. Would that Christians saw babies like Jesus does.

Rose Marie Stone stepped in it recently when she, a blogger carried byChristianity Today, wrote a brief piece in praise of contraception. That, of course, won’t get you in much trouble with many audiences. The deeper problem was that in making her case, she held up Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, as something of a hero, however wrong she might have been in eugenics. This was, in a manner of speaking, a social faux pas, a rhetorical fail, on par with observing that while Hitler had his issues, at least he got the trains to run on time.

While I am perfectly willing to call foul on Ms. Stone’s strategy (and to their credit, her editors at Christianity Today apologized), I believe the connection between the two runs deeper than we think. While there is a right and proper wedge that separates abortion and contraception, the former being the intentional murder of a human life, the latter the intentional avoidance of a human life, there is something in common as well – in both instances we wish for the absence of the human life.

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Men and Women, are they interchangeable?

March 16, 2015 | Author:


The News Story – 4,100 jobs opening to women in special operations units

“More than 4,100 officer and enlisted ‘men only’ positions in special operations units of the Regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve will be opened to women,” reports the Army Times.

These changes, according to the story, are part of an ongoing effort to dismantle “policies that have barred women from serving in combat units below the brigade level. . . . The goal is to open most jobs to women by Sept. 30, the end of fiscal 2015.” In addition, six women have already completed Ranger Training Assessment, and the Army is “moving toward opening up Ranger School to women.”

At the root of such policy moves is the politically correct theory that men and women are essentially interchangeable beings. But research continues to reveal problems with such a belief.

The New Research – Defining female identity

America’s military leaders are moving fast to put women into all combat units, justifying this radical move with feminist theorizing premised on the complete plasticity of female identity. Those who advance such theorizing argue that women are as naturally aggressive and violent as men. But such thinking receives no support from a study of aggression among women recently completed by psychologist Anne Campbell of Durham University. Durham’s study concludes that female biology primes women for maternal nurturance, not for lethal violence.

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Barbi has gone from being a bad influence to endangering family privacy.

March 14, 2015 | Author:


Presenter: Barbi What should I be when I grow up?

Barbi: Well, you told me you like to be on stage so how about a dancer? Or a politician? Or how about a dancing politician!

[Editor’s Note: Or how about a wife and a mother and pursuing the calling God has on your life?

Obvious concerns are privacy and exploitation for monetary reasons. Once Mattel has the cloud full of conversations and transcripts to go with them, there is the danger of the transcripts being of interest to government agencies like CPS etc. or hackers. We’ve seen enough of the instability of internet security already along with warrant-less searches.

And then there is the fact that children love to live in their imaginary world but how much is too much? Public education already greatly hinders a child’s social skill set by quarantining them with their peers all day. What will happen to children who grow up with robots as friends? The millennial generation already has a bad reputation in the work force for being disconnected, emotional, unaccountable and impossible to work with.

And still other concerns revolve round what exactly will Barbi be teaching our daughters? What sort of opinions does she bring to the table? We already don’t like her sexualized supermodel image, and bent for vain pursuits. Add a valley girl voice to Barbi and you have new age feminism indoctrinating your daughters at the youngest of ages.]

Mattel’s new talking “Hello Barbie” doll is able to listen and respond to children thanks to speech recognition. But one consumer advocacy group says that Mattel should ditch the“creepy” toy before it hits shelves this fall.

Fox 6 Now reported that “Hello Barbie” uses speech recognition and connects to Wi-Fi. When someone presses a button on her belt buckle, Barbie will record what you say and send it it up to the cloud. It’s saved, so Barbie keeps learning more and more about you, in order to inform her responses.

Associate Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Josh Golin said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that when kids are talking to “Hello Barbie,” they’re not just talking to a doll, they’re talking to a corporation whose only interest in the child is financial.

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Feminism Must Be Banished to Save the Family

March 11, 2015 | Author:


Diane Core, NY

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support Erin Pizzey’s views on how feminism is undermining family life (Mail). <–Link Warning, Mature Readers Only, Explicit sidebar, I was one of the people (who went with Erin (who opened the world’s first refuge for battered women) when we confronted the feminists in the Chiswick Refuge for the first time. We were hit by a hissing, Doc Martin-booted, crew-cutted gang who had totally neglected their femininity. It was frightening. I certainly saw the writing on the wall: men would no longer know what their true role was in the family. Now — many years later– it has come true.

Men don’t know where they stand in the scheme of things, particularly when they are in a family.

Things got so bad that some refuges wouldn’t even take in male children, and girls grew up believing that all men were bad. The knock-on effect has completely undermined the whole loving balanced view of family life. Men are faced with bolshie women who don’t believe they should have to cook clean or contribute to life at home in any way.

All I can see is feminism is ugliness–the sooner it stops, the better. Let’s bring back the gentle, loving, pretty female who is proud to be a woman.

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From Lesbian to Complimentarianism

March 11, 2015 | Author:

 Follow @JackieHillPerry

Follow @JackieHillPerry

Born with an inherent disposition to sin mixed with fatherlessness, molestation, and limited-to-no examples of trustworthy men led me into a lifestyle of homosexuality.

I always saw men as being something to envy. They seemed strong, powerful, in control. Femininity, or the skewed view of it that I held, seemed weak. Part of my embracing masculinity and rejecting femininity was my own way of protecting myself from pain

In comes Jesus. A man, yet fully God. One who is completely faithful to his bride.

He died for her sins. He loves her not just in words but in deed. He secured not just her eternity, but protects her on earth. He provides for her needs. He leads her into all truth by his Spirit. He daily lavishes her with himself, the one thing that will make her truly happy.

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Understanding Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage – How Did We Get Here?

March 10, 2015 | Author:

Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage Introduction from GFBCSPRING on Vimeo.

The debate over homosexuality is arguably the most important moral issue of our day. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a debate anymore. Even those who oppose things like “Same Sex Marriage” still hold to views and ideas that undermine the very foundation of their biblical worldview. This video is an introduction to GfBC’s Semper Reformanda 2014 DVD dealing with these issues.

The call for tolerance and “being nice” only serve to further alienate those Christians who dare to expose and confront the truth. Something has to change! And that’s exactly why we did this series. In it, you will learn just how far-reaching this issue is. You’ll also learn where, why , and how the current trends started, and why they’ve been so successful. Finally, you will learn how to address this issue in conversations with those who oppose biblical truth using a clear, cogent, and winsome apologetic. This series won’t answer all your questions; that’s not the goal. It will, however, set you on firm ground and open your eyes. It will also point you to Christ and the Gospel as our hope.

Two Disc Set Includes the Following:

  • Introduction by Dr. Voddie Baucham
  • Sovereignty of God and Human Authority
  • Gay is NOT the New Black!
  • Beyond the Rhetoric: Applying Biblical Truth to the Homosexual Debate

By 10 or more and get them for $15.00 ea. Order your copy here


Greg Bahnsen, on Gay Warlords and Civil Legislation, Takes the Cake…Back.

March 10, 2015 | Author:


Yuliya Bahr Compfight CC

In many states, sodomy laws are still on the books though often unenforceable as a landmark Supreme court ruling in 2003 ruled state sodomy laws unconstitutional. Many people aren’t even aware they exist now that homosexuality appears to be the norm that always was. Celebrities and politicians, (<–link not for young audiences) tell us we’re crazy for making such a big deal over the ever growing reach of the homosexual populous. The New York Times suggests the traditional family isn’t real outside of a Norman Rockwell painting. Christians are feeling increasingly pushed back into a corner as they see sodomite couples demanding civil rights, and taking over what traditionally has belonged to a Christian society. From wedding cakes to parenting, nothing seems to be hands-off any more. Even our wallets are not without their reach. (more…)

Desexualizing Dolls to Protect Minors

March 10, 2015 | Author:

[Editor’s note: Ask yourself, “Where did the standard of modesty come from? We know and we’re glad it’s catching on. Join us in praying for folks who find aligning themselves with biblical truths for practical reasons will come to know the Creator of those truths.]  (more…)

I Learned A Lot in Public School

March 10, 2015 | Author:


By Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar

I actually learned a lot in my conservative, small-town public school where virtually every well-intentioned teacher, as far as I knew, as well as the principal, was a self-proclaimed Christian. We still had devotions over the intercom and Teens for Christ meetings in the morning.

I graduated a smiling Homecoming Queen, a cheerleader, with an Advanced diploma, a college scholarship and a semester of college already finished. Andcompletely, utterly, broken. But I learned things.

In my sociology class in the 10th grade, I learned about the relative value of human life in a project where we were given a disaster/survival scenario and had to choose who got to live. Would it be the 24 year old doctor, or the 87 year old grandmother? That’s literally the only thing I remember about my sociology class.

In my Home Economics class in the ninth grade I learned about birth control. Because everyone knows it would be silly to teach 14 year olds that sex before marriage is wrong. I did not learn to sew.

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The Inspiring Testimony of Women’s Hope

March 10, 2015 | Author:

Overwhelmed by the seeming iron grasp the pro-choice community has on our society? Here’s a testimony to the work and ministry being offered to women in Auburn, Alabama through Women’s Hope Medical Clinic.

Some were abused, some threaten with abortion and abandonment, others neglected, but in spite of it all, Women’s Hope is changing lives. As the pro-choice community wages war politically, WHMC is proving our greatest hope for undermining their attack on the unborn is Jesus Christ.  (more…)

The Sexual Liberation Movement Failed Us. We’re Not Surprised.

March 10, 2015 | Author:

9154179712_f59717d1a2The ABC Family show The Fosters has reportedly made TV history with the youngest same-sex kiss on the US screen. Two male characters, who portray 13-year-old seventh graders in the show, apparently kissed one another on a recent episode of the show, which also features a lesbian couple raising five biological, adopted, and foster kids. The media is praising the gay kiss as “setting a fantastic standard” and as a “more accurate representation of LGBTQ youth in entertainment.”

This is just another sign of the times we live in. Homosexual behavior is quickly becoming a norm on television as more and more shows celebrate and applaud it—and as these shows try to normalize such behaviors among our children. Our culture has completely rejected God’s Word as the foundation for its thinking and we are increasingly seeing everyone simply doing what is right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25). Sadly, the secular culture is doing a good job indoctrinating  children into accepting its views of morality.

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A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

March 9, 2015 | Author:

Long Lost Love Letter Found At Thriftstore

March 9, 2015 | Author:

Marriage equality? What about equality for kids?

March 9, 2015 | Author:

[Editor’s note: The premise in this article that grants a right to free speech should be questioned. I think it’s fair to say that the broadcasting of abominable acts which often coincide with such parades, the representation of abominable acts that are in and of themselves defiling should be considered sinful and unlawful]

The 37th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last Saturday was one of the best-publicised events in Sydney’s social calendar. About 10,000 people participated, with 150 floats chugging through the gay district. An estimated 200,000 watched the spectacle…

Three local TV channels broadcast live coverage of the sexually-explicit activities, which have become so much a part of Sydney life  that they hardly provoke hostile comments any more.

But this year there was a protest.

Channel 7 and Channel 9, two commercial stations, and SBS, a government-funded station, agreed to broadcast a 40-second advertisement from the Australian Marriage Forum which criticised same-sex marriage during their coverage. (The YouTube version has gone viral and has been viewed about 200,000 times.)

The commercial stations lived up to their agreement, but SBS buckled under pressure and cancelled the ad the day before the event. “I’ve unfortunately been instructed to advise you that we choose not to run this TVC for the Marriage Forum during the Mardi Gras telecast,” an SBS official told the head of the Australian Marriage Forum, Dr David van Gend.

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