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Education After Homeschool

January 10, 2017 | Author:

TGC: Boundaries, Commitment, & Choices

December 30, 2016 | Author:

Freepik @teksomolika

[Editor’s note: The author mentions men getting caught up in loving limitless choices, becoming experience junkies. This applies equally to women. Feminism pressures women to be non-committal, to wait, to go out in the world and experience life first before settling down for marriage. Our culture’s over abundance of lifestyle marketing makes endless adventures very alluring.]

Taking too long to choose a song is annoying but not really that big a deal. The problem comes with the larger issues in life, especially relationships. Being a millennial myself and working with them every week, I see this problem all the time. Inability to choose inevitably leads to inability to have the real community we were created for.

Though there are likely more, at least four street-level reasons stand out to me for why we’re scared to limit our freedom and choice by committing to actual community.

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Hard Work is the Fruit of Grace

December 30, 2016 | Author:

Rushdoony: The Failure of Men

December 28, 2016 | Author:

Early in the modern era (only in the nineteenth century in the United States), men abandoned the family and its responsibilities to their wives, and religion was similarly relegated to women as their concern. Men chose irresponsibility, and the double standard became a way of life. Of course, men insisted on all the Biblical authority given to a man while denying its responsibilities, forgetting that all human authority in Scripture is conditional upon obedience to God. No absolute authority is given to man in any sphere, and all authority has service to God and man as its purpose, not self-promotion or aggrandizement.

The women’s liberation movement is simply the attempt by women to claim the responsibilities, which today constitute male rights, for themselves. The purpose of the children’s liberation movement is to claim like privileges of irresponsibility for children.

Logically, men who cannot govern themselves will not be able to govern successfully their families, vocations, or nations. The most famous American president of the twentieth century could not handle his money nor his own affairs, but he sought to rule the world. More than a few presidents have been like him. Of another man, twice a candidate for president, his ex-wife wrote a poem to the effect that men who cannot rule their nanny, wife, children, or nurse, are prone to seek to rule the universe! Not surprisingly, our worldwide cultural crisis is rooted in the failure of men. The remarkable fact of our era is not that we have had an at times aggressive women’s liberation movements but that the vast majority of women have patiently endured the willful immaturity of men.

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Schwartz: The Day Salvation Was Born

December 25, 2016 | Author:

@lyashenko freepik.com

In looking back on my childhood, I remember the Christmas gifts that disappointed me, rather than the Christmas gifts that made me happy. Two instances stand out in my mind. But first let me give you some context.

I was raised right outside New York City. I was the third of four children, and my father was a physician-a general practitioner-who still made house calls. My mother used to complain about the phone calls in the middle of the night, always stressing that I shouldn’t marry a doctor. One day, I believe it was in the summer, I broke out in a serious case of the hives. My father immediately gave me a cortisone shot and the crisis was averted. However, he concluded that my hives were the result of my being allergic to chocolate.

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Proud Women and Broken Women

December 16, 2016 | Author:

Are you a proud woman or a broken woman? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps you honestly examine your heart with a series of penetrating comparisons of proud women vs. broken women. “Broken women continually sense their need for a fresh encounter with God and a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit,” Nancy says. Watch and ask yourself if you reflect the characteristics of a proud woman or a broken woman. Like and share this liberating message to bless others and visit Revive Our Hearts for more encouragement and hope.

How can you turn the tide of Feminism’s social programs?

December 15, 2016 | Author:

Trevaris Tutt writing for American Vision has an answer for us on how to turn the tide of Feminism’s government-funded social programs. There’s much we can do. Well, said, Trevaris. Thank you.

So what would happen if brothers and sisters would open their hands in such a way not just to meet emergency needs, but with the goal to pull people out of the cycle of poverty? What if more brothers and sisters came alongside families to help them homeschool so they would not have to subject their children to public schools? What if more families got together and created small private schools for single mothers who were still working? What if more brothers and sisters opened their homes so a sister in Christ would not have to live on Section 8? What if those in the church with businesses came alongside brothers trying to support a family on minimum wage, and helped them develop skills and entrepreneurship so they could support their own family and then, in turn, help others as well. This is not to say this is not happening, but if it is, it is not on a large scale.

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Christian homeschooling family hosts raffle for champion trained dog as medical fundraiser

December 13, 2016 | Author:

There are times in life when things get tough. We wonder if we will ever make it through. These are the times that define who we are. -Joel Ryals, Jonathan’s father, owner of Dunetos K9

The Ryals family is dear to us here at BW/LAF and we thank all who joined us in prayer when their son fell into a prolonged, 14 hour seizure approximately 10 months ago. The story of Jonathan Ryals has been a miraculous one. Trouble-shooting any life threatening situation is harrowing but from the time his health journey began even until now, the Ryals have been blessed to mark out God’s specific providential care of their son.

For those of you who don’t know the story behind Jonathan’s Journey, here is a ‘year’ in review, highlighting some of the blessing the Ryals have been praising God for.

The day that Jonathan’s Journey began, his father Joel happen to be in for lunch from training the K9’s. Jonathan hadn’t been feeling quite right but nothing overly remarkable foretold what was about to happen. One of the K9’s seemed to indicate something was wrong as they’re known to do.


Mercatornet: Lost children of Castro’s revolution

December 12, 2016 | Author:

Photo: hugrakka/Flickr

Photo: hugrakka/Flickr

Since Castro’s death there has been raised interest to look inside world he created. The conditions women live under, the compulsion, their lives planned from beginning to end is enough to make us weep. And here in America we’re embracing aspects of this Cuban life as though we’d been denied some great privilege. Feminism would have us grasp at our very deaths. If you find it hard to look through the issues in our country and see the truth, look at Cuba and look into what could become our future if we fail to live as the free people we are and were born to be. Now is not a time to be faint hearted or to look the other way. The object lesson is clear.

As in Big Brother Soviet Russia, legalised abortion became necessary to the Cuban revolution, facilitating women’s equality and liberation into the workforce, where they were needed to replace the vast numbers of their countrymen who fled the revolution, and to achieve the agricultural miracle that Castro dreamed of.

It has also been essential to the success of Castro’s much-vaunted public health miracle, based on the preventive model praised by the Director General of the World Health Organisation a couple of years ago. Among its achievements Margaret Chan pointed to an infant mortality rate of 4.2 per thousand births – lower than in the United States and one of the lowest in the world.

That would indeed be a credit to the system, but some experts are sceptical. Tassie Katherine Hirschfeld, chair of the department of anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, who spent nine months living in Cuba in the late 1990s studying the nation’s health system, reported that “pregnant women are treated with very authoritarian tactics to maintain these favourable statistics.

…after decades of the crassest form of birth control – multiple abortions in many cases — Cuba’s women are not only infertile in the sense of not giving birth, but also in the sense of being physically unable to.

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Mercatornet: Fatherhood Affects Poverty

November 30, 2016 | Author:

bcnphotography Compfight cc

bcnphotography Compfight cc

Editor’s Note: We take exception to the author’s suggestion that governments can in part alleviate poverty through job creation and subsidies. Such actions require the impoverishment of others through unlawful taxation. Charity belongs to the church and private individuals not the state.

According to the World Bank, in the year 2015 the extreme poverty rate (less than $2/day) around the world allegedly dropped below 10% for the first time. Although this is good progress, extreme poverty, for 702 million people, remains an international crisis. We know that women and children are deeply impacted socially and academically by living in poverty.

…we can approach the plague of poverty by setting goals and prescribing ideas that primarily treat symptoms . . . or we can see the bigger picture and find ways to root out the source of the problem. Some ideas may include simply raising the minimum wage and creating more stable, well-paid jobs—but they can only go so far in treating the symptoms of poverty. Besides, we need competent, educated individuals who can qualify for such jobs. The deeper poverty problem (or infection) may be rooted in the state of the family.  

In the overwhelming majority of divorce cases in many countries, custody of the children is given to the mother. Although children who are victims of divorce still have a father, the severing of their parents’ marriage often severs the consistent influence from the father. This has had devastating effects—especially in the economic realm,

If one does not have a good grasp of economics and social science one might assume that poverty is driving the family breakdown rather than the other way around.

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For This We Give Thanks

November 24, 2016 | Author:

© Plymouth Famers' Market, Plimoth Plantation

© Plymouth Famers’ Market, Plimoth Plantation

…Lastly, (and which was not least,) a great hope and inward zeal [the Pilgrims] had of laying some good foundation, or at least to make some way thereunto, for the propagating and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world; yea, though they should be but even as stepping-stones unto others for the performing of so great a work…”

As we gather together today with gratefulness to our Pilgrim forebearers to count the multiplied just and merciful Providences in the history of our nation and families, we remember the character and virtue of a people who’s legacy we must preserve for generations to come. As they lived, we must also live wholeheartedly and deliberately according to the Scriptures, laying down our lives willingly, trusting God as we press forward the crown rights of Jesus Christ, that we might establish a nation that acknowledges the glory of God by the light of the Gospel.

In restoring the biblical view of womanhood…

“…We verily believe and trust that the Lord is with us, unto Whom and Whose service we have given ourselves in many trials; and that He will graciously prosper our endeavors according to the simplicity of our hearts therein…”

We have a charge equally important to that which God places on the shoulders of men. The sin, the silliness, and the cynicism of today’s women is far reaching and yet in the midst of it all, the Lord has blessed our efforts in creating a culture of Christian womanhood that has blossomed and advanced a skilled, peaceful, courageous, and virtuous way of life for our daughters.

“…We are well weaned from the delicate milk of our mother country, and inured to the difficulties of a strange and hard land, which by patience we have largely overcome…It is not with us as with other[s] whom small things can discourage, or small discontentments cause to wish themselves at home again…”

Even as feminism seeks to daily entangle us still, with the tyranny of socialism, women living counter culturally by daily seeking to be conformed to God’s will as revealed in the Scriptures, become the earthquake that will topple the badly built forms of feminism. We know to daily depose self from its throne and acknowledge Christ as Lord in faith and obedience, is to daily win a battle.

To the many women unnamed who live for Christ in the quiet keeping of their homes, we give thanks. We know you’re out there and we know your faithfulness will extend, by the blessing of God, for generations. May this today’s celebrations be for you a blessed and joyous occasion remembering God’s faithfulness to us is the same faithfulness He extended to our fore-mothers. God bless you.

Desiring God: 7 Ways To Pray On Election Day

November 8, 2016 | Author:

shot in b/w... four pair of hands, father, mother, son, daughter.

Father, we are an anxious and fearful people. For all of our bluster and bragging, we are so easily shaken. We are anxious about money, anxious about the future, anxious about the economy, anxious about the election, anxious about our enemies, anxious about food, anxious about health, anxious about safety, anxious about everything under the sun. We live in so much fear. And we confess that anxiety is fundamentally a form of pride. Our anxiety is our sinful and arrogant reaction to the truth that we are not ultimately in control.

This is a great evil.

Father, as your people, we too live in fear. We have baptized the worries and anxieties of the world. We have feared what they fear, and lived in dread of what they dread. And in our fear and anxiety, we have become reactionary and easily manipulated. And because our anxiety and fear feels so justified by the riskiness of life, we do not feel it to be really sinful. We do not feel the arrogance in our insecurities.

Forgive us, O God, in your great mercy.

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Walsh: Clinton Win Not a Victory for Women

November 7, 2016 | Author:



Hillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi

[A] Hillary Clinton victory will not be a victory for women. It will be a victory for the Democrats, for liberal elites, for the multiple foreign governments who’ve hacked her emails, for Wall Street bankers, for the media, for whoever stitches together her sci-fi pantsuits, for fans of spirit cooking, for her SNL impersonator; it will be a victory for all sorts of nefarious people, none more so than Hillary herself, but the average American woman will lose as much from her reign as we unevolved men.

[A] Hillary Clinton victory will be a victory for corruption. The most corrupt and distrusted nominee in the history of the country will have ascended all the way to the pinnacle of power, proving not that the American people are progressive forward thinkers, but that we have a virtually unlimited tolerance for tyranny and corruption. Many aspiring despots in the future — men and women alike — will surely take advantage of this tolerance, but that can no more be considered a victory for the female gender than it can be considered a victory for the male gender or for any of the mythological genders in between the two.

I, for one, would never defame women in such a way as to make Hillary Rodham Clinton into their crowning achievement. Indeed, calling Hillary’s potential presidency a triumph for women is like calling Anthony Weiner’s career a triumph for Jews. Neither the Jewish people nor the women of America deserve to be defined by the most pitiful and degenerate among them.

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How Pam Dorr Turned A Town Around

November 7, 2016 | Author:

Since 2011, Pam Dorr of Greensboro, Alabama has created 11 small businesses and 50 new jobs. About $15 million in profits since 2006 have built affordable housing for hundreds of people in seven counties. CBS NEWS

Since 2011, Pam Dorr of Greensboro, Alabama has created 11 small businesses and 50 new jobs. About $15 million in profits since 2006 have built affordable housing for hundreds of people in seven counties. CBS NEWS

Feminism creates dependency on socialism. It undermines the potential greatness of mankind and reduces us to children squabbling over a meager dinner on the government’s dinner table, placed there through redistribution. Pam Dorr on the other hand, is a great example of a private citizen creating human flourishing (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness) through an independent free market, understanding that resources aren’t limited, that opportunities are endless if we’re willing to be a responsible self-governing people.

Read on and find out how Dorr turns around small anemic town, creating jobs, reversing welfare situations, building businesses, and more. Love, humility, gratitude go a long way toward creating human flourishing in society.

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Douthat: The Post-Familial Election

November 7, 2016 | Author:


“you should have had more children when you had the chance.”

My maternal great-grandfather had five children, four of whom lived to have families of their own. His son, my grandfather, also had five children, two sons and three daughters, who grew up as part of a dense network of cousins.

On my father’s side, the families were a little smaller. But my dad was one of three siblings, meaning that I had six aunts and uncles overall.

Then the social revolutions of the 1970s arrived. There were divorces, later marriages, single parenthood, abortions. In the end all those aunts and uncles, their various spouses and my parents — 12 baby boomers, all told — only had seven children: myself, my sister and five cousins.

The Obama White House’s “Life of Julia” ad campaign in 2012 — featuring a woman whose every choice was subsidized by the government from cradle to grave, with a lone child but no larger family or community in sight — seemed to many conservatives like a perfect confirmation of our fears: Here was liberalism explicitly pitching the state as a substitute for kith and kin.

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