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Mercatornet: How Women’s Equality becomes a pawn in workforce policy

August 12, 2017 | Author:

In Women Are Key for Future Growth: Evidence from Canada the International Monetary Fund recommends that Canada spend eight billion dollars annually on a daycare program that would pay for itself. The catch? Mothers must be forced to work. The authors reveal their political leanings early on, and hence their framing of the research.

In so many words, they are saying: Our purpose as human beings is not to find our own way, to make choices that serve our own objectives and to pursue personal self-fulfillment. Rather, our purpose is to work; earn an income; and to pay taxes to feed the Leviathan (to use Hobbes’ accurate term for the State). Oh, and most of us have one other function – as reproducers. That function is particularly important because it provides to the system ever more future workers who will pay more taxes to fatten up the already obese and highly intrusive State.

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Kupferman: Will my granddaughter pay the price of my fight for equality?

August 8, 2017 | Author:

Photo credit @DailyMail

Sixties feminist Jeannette Kupferman sees the emotional emptiness facing women today.

The moment I held Amber Ann in my arms — just minutes after her birth — an unexpected cocktail of emotions nearly floored me; what can best be described as a mixture of unbridled joy mingled with apprehension.

the emotions were more complex and bittersweet than the straightforward joy I’d anticipated. Of course, for now we can hold her safe, nurture her talents and encourage her development — but what will her future hold?

Just that morning another headline had caught my eye about schoolgirls feeling pressured to sleep with boys before they are ready. Not to mention the endless stories about the increasing numbers of teenagers experiencing depression, self-harming, eating disorders, atrocious bullying, sexting and gender uncertainty.

It makes me wonder what happened to the Brave New World we’d envisaged for our daughters and granddaughters. A world of unlimited possibilities, choices and equality for girls to become or do anything?

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What is Art? Reforming Arts Conference Perfect for Homeschoolers

July 22, 2017 | Author:

Mercatornet: Jane Austen’s Marriage Challenge

July 21, 2017 | Author:

During the last couple of weeks, while Jane Austen fans have been paying tribute to the famous novelist on the 200th anniversary of her death, devotees of a very different type of fiction have been getting their fix of Game of Thrones, Season 7. From all accounts this television series has more dead bodies than a busy mortuary, making it incredibly popular for some reason. A trailer for the series that I came across had over 35 million views.

As one writer has observed, death is barely glimpsed in Austen’s six novels. Writing at a time when high infant mortality and common diseases made death a regular visitor even in the families of the gentry, claiming Austen herself at the age of 41, she never killed off a major character. Her concern is with life and the great institution that produces and nurtures it: marriage.

Despite the dramatic differences between her world and ours, it is about this subject that her stories have most to teach our age. The fact that ours has largely lost the plot about matrimony may even be the reason that stories like Pride and Prejudice continue to find an audience after all this time: courtship, marriage, intimacy, children, in that order: how novel!

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Business Insider: Homeschooler Wins $20k in Math Competition Aired on ESPN

July 15, 2017 | Author:

Luke Robitaille winning moment – Andrew Cai next to him

Thirteen-year-old Luke Robitaille was named the 2017 Raytheon Mathcounts National Champion, beating a field of 224 to take home the top prize.

The competition aired live on ESPN3 on Monday, May 15, at 10 a.m. ET.

Robitaille, a seventh grade home school student from Euless, Texas, answered the following question correctly to win….Read the rest here.

Gianna Jessen to Speak in Houston Texas

July 15, 2017 | Author:

Governing God’s Way presents Fighting the American Holocaust, an event to encourage Christians to join in the fight to end the American Holocaust of abortion in Texas. (more…)

Oregon Bill Legalizes Free Abortions For Nearly Any Reason

July 7, 2017 | Author:

In the past 14 years, according to state health records, already-expansive abortion laws dictated that almost $24 million in state funds were spent on more than 52,000 abortions.

The bill is also uniquely expansive in that, while some states allow for cost-free abortions that are deemed medically necessary, the Oregon bill allows for coverage of abortions for virtually any reason, including sex-selective and late-term abortions.

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Mercatornet: Chastity, Family Life and the Future of Religious Freedon

July 4, 2017 | Author:

Photo: Samantha Reinis/The Daily Signal

The future of the First Amendment rests on the freedom to teach the centrality of chaste family life. We will not win I if we are ambivalent or shy. Read the rest here.

Come to the Reforming Arts Conference in August!

July 3, 2017 | Author:

“What IS art? Is it merely an enjoyable way to express ourselves or receive personal gratification? Or is art much more?

Since God is the Creator of everything, He also created art. But what does HE say about it? Christians must know the value, purpose, and power of their God-given creative talents. Be encouraged to learn and understand the unique responsibility entrusted to you, and how to apply your artistic gifts for the glory of God by attending the first Reforming Arts Conference
in Appomattox, Virginia, this summer!”

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MercatorNet: Millennials are looking for parental guidance on love

June 14, 2017 | Author:

A new Harvard study about the dating habits of young adults, ages 18-25, reveals that most Millennials are looking for guidance on how to form loving relationships. The survey, which included over 2,000 young adults, found that about 70% of Millennials described wishing they had received more information from their parents about finding and keeping love.

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Mercatornet: Women Oppose Abortion Politics

May 27, 2017 | Author:

Contrary to impressions given in the media, by professional bodies such as the Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and by most Parliamentarians, an overwhelming majority of Britons actually want to make it harder for women to get abortions, a new poll reveals.

It is particularly striking how much support there is amongst women for lowering the time limit for abortion, which currently stands at 24 weeks. Of the 70% of women who want the limit lowered nearly six in ten are in favour of a limit of 16 weeks or fewer and 41% actually want it 12 weeks or less.

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Why women need other women in their lives

May 20, 2017 | Author:

[Editor’s note: Romance novels aside (because as with anything we can make it about ourselves or we can make it about serving God), the substance of this article points to what is possible in a solid christian community where women invest in one another in substantial ways. We should all be better at serving one another, in strengthening the body of Christ. ]

Years ago, I was at the beach with my family when I noticed a group of ladies nearby who appeared to be in their 50s. With a quick glance, I knew they were on a girls’ weekend…I loved watching these women enjoy each other’s company. Although they were older than me, and well past my season of life in having babies, I could imagine being in their shoes one day, basking in the glow of old friends who still made me feel young again.

…now that I’m in my 40s, I’m seeing how real divorce, death, cancer, unemployment and other major life problems are. I understand what they meant when they emphasized the importance of girlfriends, as my age group faces hardships we couldn’t imagine when we were young and carefree.

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Mercatornet: The Handmaid’s Tale: more sci-fi than believable dystopia

May 15, 2017 | Author:

The current Hulu remake of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, is getting rave reviews. But I passed on it.

Handmaids projects a Christian theocracy — the Republic of Gilead — that has replaced American democracy, and consigned women to their most reductive biological roles as forced breeders in a mysteriously infertile society. I’m interested in artistic dystopias — the word always associated with Handmaids — but science fiction, the genre to which this story more correctly belongs, isn’t for me.

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Thank the Moms You Know With Gifts of Practical Help and Encouragement

May 12, 2017 | Author:

Thank the Moms You Know With Gifts of Practical Help and Encouragement

This Mother’s Day, we here at Western Conservatory are massively discounting our physical products to help move some of our inventory: 75% off all physical products*, from now until May 14th. To take advantage of this opportunity, we would like to suggest that you consider showing support to multiple moms you know this Mother’s Day, through a gift of practical help or encouragement — as well as stocking up on anything that would make your own job as a mom easier!

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Desiring God: Gospel Hope for Self-Haters

May 5, 2017 | Author:

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We all know really godly women who for example in God’s providence either never married or they married where unable to have children. They have always had to go through a process of grappling with that, grappling with identity, grappling with what it means to be a woman. Grappling with how does one find one’s way to the courage, and dignity, and purpose. We’ve all known women who really successfully ran that race and they have met the God who tho He,

You know the bible is very joyful at the birth of children, yet one of the prime metaphors in Isaiah 54 is the barren woman who spreads her tent. She has a huge family, she loves many many people, has many children.

One of the lovely characters in C.S. Lewis’s Great Divorce, [was] just an ordinary village woman. Every lonely child was her friend…and she cared. She’s a queen in the way that Lewis portrays her.

God makes a different kind of beauty, and a different kind of life, and a different kind of purpose.

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