Five Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful!

Posted By on April 28, 2010

Photo of a flower from the beautiful bouquet that my sweet friend (thank you Susan!) brought last week. Now the bouquet is hanging on my living room wall to dry. I will think of her friendship each time I see it. Flowers are a great way to bless someone.

Simple, frugal ideas to make your home a beautiful place…

1. Light candles. Keep your eyes out for candles at a discount–off-season candles go on sale, and often you can find them at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. Keep a steady supply of candles. Few things add such warmth and beauty to a home. (By the way, don’t wait until company comes–bless your family!)

2. Purchase an occasional bunch of flowers from Wal-Mart. Sometimes they are only 3 or 4 dollars for a small bunch. Enjoy them in a vase for a few days…add a few drops of bleach to the water and they’ll stay fresh longer.

But the best thing about flowers is, when they start to die, take them out of the water, tie a ribbon around them, and hang them upside down, right on your wall! The dried version is just as beautiful, and sometimes lasts for years!

3. Play soft music…along with candles, it can really change the atmosphere of the home. And even if you only choose the time right before hubby arrives, it’s a great way to settle everyone down and bless your husband as he comes home.

4. Keep baskets handy for quick pick ups. We keep a basket at the top of the stairs for any “down-going” objects…a basket in every room would allow you to pick up (for unexpected guests, etc.) and at least give the appearance of a tidy house in about 5 minutes! Let everyone help put the items in their places later.

Personal note here…I am REALLY working on the balance between living in a home, keeping it tidy, and being respectful of guests, and being real.

In other words, I want to maintain a tidy house for the peace of my family, and I want to bless others with a tidy house when they come for a visit, BUT, we are a family with 8 children, some small, and we do LIVE in our house! I do not want to portray perfection; that could actually discourage guests instead of blessing them.

5. Sing out loud, smile, and laugh. This is probably the most beautifying element of a family…don’t get too busy to forget the joy of the Lord!!!!

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Kelly Crawford is wife to Aaron and mother to 8 children. They operate a home business together besides living a very normal, busy life, by God's grace and a non-optional cup of coffee every morning. You can browse Kelly's website at Generation Cedar for more articles and the tools they sell to help equip families striving to live for God's glory. Drop in and say "hi"!


4 Responses to “Five Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful!”

  1. Deanna Rabe says:

    Such simple things, but they really do make a difference!

  2. ladyscott says:

    Sometimes just throwing open a window on a warm, breezy days makes the whole house seem lovely!

    My newest lovely-house-maker is my copy of The Eden String Quartet Cd!

  3. Joyful St says:

    I totally agree with the wisdom of not pretending that the house is always perfect. It gives everyone a big sigh of relief to know that in truly raising a family to the Lord…and everything that entails…the house is not always going to a “museum,” mostly it will be a “workshop.”

  4. sbehan says:

    Thank you for your comment on perfecting a house. I believe we need to hear this more, especially young wives and mothers.

    Also, love the ideas of the candles. I bought a gorgeous candle-holder from a thrift shop and have placed it over the fireplace, and can’t wait to get some candles!

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