Chivalry is out of style

Posted By on January 13, 2014

From one of our favorites, Matt Walsh.

This past Christmas Eve, I went to church with my wife, my sister, and my brother-in-law. We arrived a half hour early, which was a half hour too late. All of the seats were taken, and even the standing room in the back was filling quickly.

The four of us were able to carve out a spot to stand near the rear of the church. My wife and I have twin babies, and my sister had just given birth to her first child a week or two before. As we set up shop in the back, I thought to myself: “Well, we’ve got a young woman with a newborn and another woman with twins; surely a couple of the many men already sitting will jump up to offer their seats to my wife and sister. Nick and I can stand for the whole service, but there’s no reason why our wives should.” But my delusions were quickly interrupted by the harsh reality. As I looked around, I saw dozens of other women standing alongside us — many of them with kids in tow.

Maybe the hundreds of gentlemen in the pews just haven’t… noticed?

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One Response to “Chivalry is out of style”

  1. irisT says:

    good story… but the whole thing begins with raising a son well. My 3 year old will stand up for every lady… even a 2 year old girl. It looks cute :). But he will be a men of honour, not a peter pan boy..

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