Relationship vs. Purpose: How the Church Destroys the Christian Family

Posted By on February 9, 2012

“…the family was not created to be first relationships and then everything else. The family was created to be an institution, and that institution has a purpose and function in God’s order for the things: to expand the dominion of God’s people over the whole world (Gen. 1:27-28). The purpose and function were first given to the man, and he is supposed to be the chief carrier and executive of that function. And just as the woman was uniquely designed and gifted to discern and understand the issues of relationships, the man was uniquely designed and gifted to fulfill the purpose of taking dominion over the earth. The father’s and the husband’s position of the man is not primarily focused on relationships – that’s what he was given a wife for. That responsibility is given to man to ensure that his family fulfills its purpose in the plan of God in conquering the earth. Man’s very being isoutward-oriented, not inward-oriented. His interests would be in work and war, not in feelings and relationships. While women also have their part in business (Prov. 31) and war (Judges 4), by creation ordinance it is man’s realm and sphere of responsibility and authority.” -From “Relationship vs. Purpose: How the Church Destroys the Christian Family” by Bojidar Marinov

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One Response to “Relationship vs. Purpose: How the Church Destroys the Christian Family”

  1. atcbuff says:

    So true. Our church drove my ex to commit “divorce”.
    Doesn’t God hate divorce?

    Similarly as the governments enjoy to tell us all what to do their way, the church also destroy families by trying to lead the families via their pastors instead of teaching them to allow and train the man to lead. Leading in love can be so vague that it means nothing in the end…

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