Responsible Manhood: A Mentor is No Substitute for a Father

Posted By on October 6, 2014

[phil h] Compfight CC

[phil h] Compfight CC

Esquire Magazine recently launched a mentoring initiative to create 100,000 new mentors by 2020. The campaign seeks to “make a tremendous impact” on the lives of young men that are caught in a cycle of failure.

Esquire asked 50 high-profile men including James Franco, Sen. Marco Rubio, Samuel L. Jackson, David Petraeus, Lenny Kravitz, Matthew Broderick and Joel Osteen: “Who made you the man you are today?”

It sounds like a worthwhile undertaking, so who could possibly argue with this campaign?

I could. Here’s why …

The whole need for mentors has arisen because of the destruction of the family. Liberals helped to destroy the family and devalue fathers, and now they want to “save” society. No-fault divorce, welfare, man-hating feminism and rampant immorality in Hollywood movies have contributed to the breakdown of the family and created the need for mentors.

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