Responsible Manhood: Treating Women With Respect

Posted By on October 14, 2014

Editor’s note: The author makes a differentiation between ‘boys’ and ‘men’ which I don’t think is a fair statement about boyhood. We get his point, but I would like to point out further that there are many a noble and pure boy who is earnestly about the ways of godliness and should be honored for his faithfulness. The appropriate word the author is looking for is pervert and/or fool.

LyndaSanchez Compfight CC

LyndaSanchez Compfight CC

From the article,

Jennifer Lawrence was exploited by hackers who stole, posted, and distributed nude photos of her, but she, and so many other women, are exploited by a society that is convinced and comfortable that men should treat women as sexual commodities, online or in a relationship.

And that’s another reason that men need to act like men.

In this installment of our Act Like Men series, we’re going to take a look at how men—acting like men—relate to women. Simply put, men acting like men don’t fit Lawrence’s description.

Men—and from this point forward I refer to men as those acting like men, and the rest as childish boys—don’t resort to pornography when they are unsatisfied and don’t turn their girlfriends or wives into porn objects.

Childish boys do that.

Boys seek their own fulfillment, no matter the cost to the objectified woman. To a boy, a nude picture of his girlfriend is no different than the porn he regularly scans online. Boys see women’s bodies as currency to be acquired and traded. To a boy, a woman is no different than a baseball card that ends up in his wheel spokes, damaged and discarded.

And, the males searching and sharing such pictures are just boys.

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