White Girl, Korean Mom: Surrogacy Tales

| March 28, 2015

Jessica Kern was sixteen the day she found the missing puzzle piece that finally made her life make sense. Growing up, Kern, now 30, had always suspected something wasn’t right about her household.  It was more than just the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. It was a deep […]

Two Time Abortion Survivor Honors the Heroism of Adoptive Father

| October 4, 2014

My dad’s mother died when he was nine years old and his father, who ran the local smith shop and ice house in the 1940’s, died five years later.  At fourteen my dad was orphaned. Because my dad had no other family that would permanently take him in, he went to live at Father Flannigan’s […]

Wendy’s Launches New Campaign to Promote Adoption in US

| March 17, 2014

So glad to read this today. The fruit of compassionate capitalism. Wendy’s works to build strong families through adoption. A new Wendy’s campaign will highlight the company’s commitment to adoption. The fast food chain began its initial advocacy work in this area after founder Dave Thomas, who was himself adopted, started the Dave Thomas Foundation […]

Orphans’ Lonely Beginnings Reveal How Parents Shape A Child’s Brain

| February 26, 2014

How much does the spiritual affect the physical? Psalm 31:10 tells us that strength fails and bones are consumed because of iniquity. It seems science is showing us that the love of Christ that parents give their children both through love and lawful and appropriate chastisement, benefits their souls and their bodies. Note how the […]

The Dropbox: Among Faith, Hope and Love…The Best Is Love

| February 6, 2014

Find out how you can support the work of Pastor Lee Johg-Rak here.

Voddie Baucham on Abortion, Adoption and President Obama

| January 29, 2014

Produced by Texas Right to Life in 2012. The truth then. The truth now. Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and re-listen to what we’ve been told. What we were unable to hear in the past, we’re able to hear today for all the striving against godly standards has proven us wrong. A rape victim […]

‘Disposable’ kids helpless victims of womb-for-rent business

| January 22, 2014

“In our modern world sometimes the idea of surrogacy is distorted. It can even be used to avoid the hardships of pregnancy and to preserve the beauty of a body. That turns surrogacy into a business.” Aleksandr Trukhan, head of the Palliative Care Dpt. Recommended Resources Why the Church Needs Bioethics: A Guide to Wise […]

The Joy A Child Brings

| January 17, 2014

Recommended Resources Rescued: The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call Three Decades of Fertility: Ten Ordinary Women Surrender To The Creator And Embrace Life Suffer the Children: The Blessing of ‘Imperfect’ Children

Unprecedented Ruling Allows Unmarried Friends to Adopt Child as a Family

| January 7, 2014

NEW YORK CITY – In an unprecedented court ruling, a Manhattan judge has given two unmarried ‘co-parents’ permission to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Bernard Clair, a lawyer not involved in the adoption case, told reporters that the unprecedented ruling “expands the boundaries of adoption rights,” since it establishes a precedent for further co-parenting adoptions. However, some […]

Virginia church puts couple’s unborn Down syndrome baby up for adoption on FACEBOOK

| July 10, 2013

There are so many couples waiting to adopt. Abortion is NOT the only option. A Virginia church has been inundated with responses after it posted a message on its Facebook page asking for a family to adopt an unborn baby with Down syndrome that would otherwise be aborted. The Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville […]

Post-abortion mom: ‘I wish abortion was illegal! I would be with my child’

| April 10, 2013

Hannah has come to deeply regret her ‘choice’. She wishes that ending her baby’s life had never been a legal option for her. “I know I wouldn’t have made that choice if it were not so accessible to me. I would have dealt with my consequences as I should have,” she said. “I wish abortion […]

Will Christian Adoption Be Banned?

| March 4, 2011

This is a sobering story from the UK that has been making the rounds: Mrs. Johns, 62, and Mr. Johns, 65, live in the United Kingdom. They’ve raised four children and have been foster parents to a total of 15. By every measure they’ve done a terrific job. From the beginning of their fostering adventure, […]