I Hope This Isn’t A Window to Your Soul

| March 12, 2014

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo. This is the perfect example of life without Christ. The trailer doesn’t resolve the issue but it does expose our humanistic thinking. We cannot look to others, we cannot look to nature, we cannot look to ourselves and we cannot even look to the good things of this life to […]

The Descent from Christianity into Apostasy

| February 27, 2014

If You Wield Your Tool on It, You Will Profane it The descent from Christianity into apostasy begins with a departure from Scripture. This does not usually begin with an open declaration against the veracity of the Bible, but with the subtle introduction of leaven derived from the precepts of men. The descent always begins […]

Decline in Belief in God Masks Rise in Superstition

| January 7, 2014

If people stop believing in God, they still have to believe in something. Yes, a major shift is occurring, but not the one many people assume. Advancing naturalism (the belief that nature is all there is) produces both expected and unexpected effects. The Harris poll found that belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution increased to […]