How can you turn the tide of Feminism’s social programs?

| December 15, 2016

Trevaris Tutt writing for American Vision has an answer for us on how to turn the tide of Feminism’s government-funded social programs. There’s much we can do. Well, said, Trevaris. Thank you. So what would happen if brothers and sisters would open their hands in such a way not just to meet emergency needs, but […]

Help the Hurting

| April 28, 2014

We have three stories today for your consideration and prayer. The first one came to us by way of a faithful reader who is reaching out to the Christian community on behalf of her friend Sarah Gilmore Summers. Sarah is a 31-year-old wife and mother of 3 young children: Gabriel (8), Christian (6) and Claire(4). […]

More Details About Einwechter Tragedy

| March 1, 2014

A car horn screeched Monday night on Joe Hoffman’s property. Outside, he and his family found a Ford Expedition, tipping toward a pond in their eastern Bledsoe County yard. Hoffman’s daughter, 24-year-old Monique Einwechter, sat inside the car with her four children. The biggest was 3 years old, the smallest 6 weeks old. Leaving her […]

The Jonathan Einwechter Family Charity Fund

| February 28, 2014

The Jonathan Einwechter Family Charity Fund Website As most of you know, Jonathan and Monique Einwechter lost two of their precious children on Monday night February 24th, 2014 when the family’s vehicle slipped into a pond on the Hoffman farm. By God’s grace, Monique, John David, and Titus were rescued from the vehicle, but Elise […]

Dedicated to Selflessness

| January 19, 2014

I often speak with women who want to be involved in “service” of some kind, and they wonder what they should do and how to find it. This is a good and godly impulse; in fact, it is a God-given impulse that identifies us as His very own. Paul tells us in Titus that we […]