Finding Our Way Out of the Forest

| July 11, 2011

From Don Feder’s speech at the Moscow Demography Summit: Worldwide, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) – the number of children the average woman will have during her lifetime – fell from 5.0 in the mid-1960s to 2.7 today, a decline of almost 50%. We’re told that 59 countries, with 44% of the world’s population, now […]

The essential public purpose of marriage

| June 3, 2011

While we do not believe that states (or the people) have the right to define inalienable rights (those are given by our Creator and cannot be redefined by man), this is a very good article demonstrating that marriage is not about two people who want to be in some kind of “relationship” but about parenting […]

As the family goes, so goes the economy

| May 30, 2011

From Mercatornet: As we know, the family in western countries is not going very well. In its introduction the FRC report points out that people have a reduced capacity for the intimate social relationships that marriage demands. Most American parents cannot stand each other enough to raise the children they have brought into existence. In […]

Outsourcing parenting in Sweden

| May 24, 2011

From Mercatornet: Then there are the questions about the social toll Sweden’s childcare system is taking. Sweden has offered a comprehensive daycare system since 1975; since the early ’90s, negative outcomes for children and adolescents are on the rise in areas of health and behaviour. While direct causation has been difficult to prove, many Swedish […]

Fatherless America? A third of children now live without dad

| May 23, 2011

Two stints in prison, rehab and a probation officer failed to inspire Mike DeBoer to give up the drugs. Dirty diapers, peanut butter sandwiches, playing “tickle monster” with a giggly redhead who smiles his daddy’s smile — that’s what did it. “My dad wasn’t there for me,” said DeBoer, 30, a thick, muscular man with […]

Will the Legacy of American Manhood Die with Dick Winters?

| May 21, 2011

From the folks at Western Conservatory: Dick Winters grew up on a Pennsylvania farm with parents who were born in the 1800s. Richard and Edith raised their farm boy to grow into maturity — a kind of maturity very common to the men of colonial and frontier America. They imparted this American legacy to their […]

Instructing a Child’s Heart Review

| March 24, 2011

Are you passionate about passing on your faith and vision to the next generation? Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd and Margy Tripp is written to help you achieve that goal. Tedd’s prior book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, focuses on reaching the heart through biblical correction. Instructing a Child’s Heart focuses on providing children with […]

“A Generation of Men Raised by Women”

| December 14, 2010

We really love the things Brett McKay has done over at The Art of Manliness. We’ve linked to several pieces he and his associates have written since AoM started. But today’s post absolutely takes the cake. It is so good that we’re cross-posting it here in three categories, including the Theme Articles section. Why? Because […]

“Divorced From Reality”

| November 27, 2010

From The American Conservative: Defenders of marriage must face some hard facts or they are going to lose their fight—and with it, quite possibly, their religious freedom as well. Federal judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling nullifying Proposition 8 in California illustrates that, unless we can demonstrate very specific reasons why same-sex marriage is socially destructive, it […]

“Fathers Are Still Essential”

| June 22, 2010

From Kathleen Parker’s column this week: It’s that time of year when America celebrates the donor we used to call “Dad.” Granted, many children still have in-house fathers, but millions don’t. Some fathers have become alienated through divorce. “Baby daddies” never were invited to the commitment party. Still others are anonymous in the truest sense […]