God Made Gender

| February 3, 2015

We need to be diligent in teaching our children that God has made us different as males and females and that both sexes are made in the image of God. While secularists may want to say that a person can have a “gender identity” separate from their biological gender, nowhere does God make this distinction […]

A Gender-Neutral Army? An Army Neutralized by Gender?

| May 23, 2013

It’s not what most people imagine that gender neutral means and it’s not what it is supposed to mean because Congress defined gender-neutral as being “evaluated on the basis of common, relevant performance standards, without differential standards of evaluation on the basis of gender.” But by leaving “relevant” in there, the door was open for […]

Gender Equality Takes Center Stage

| October 18, 2011

The issue of gender equality has come to center-stage in British public thanks to the debate on male-preference primogeniture. American readers may be unfamiliar with the term ‘male-primogeniture’ so a brief word of explanation may be helpful. The rules of succession for the British thrown are governed by a system in which firstborn sons take […]

CitizenLink Report: Resisting Efforts to Blur Male and Female

| July 9, 2011

From Citizen Link: Have you heard about the recent report from Sweden about the staff of a preschool no longer using pronouns like “he” or “she” when referring to students? It’s another example of what happens when marriage is redefined to include same-sex couples. The preschool’s approach to gender is a reflection of Sweden’s national […]

God’s Glory is Displayed Through GENDER

| March 28, 2010

I almost had to leave the auditorium, retreat to a quiet place, and process the profound revelation I had never seen that Mary Kassian revealed from that familiar passage in Genesis: “She shall be called ‘woman’ because she was taken out of man.” Genesis 2:23 We skip right over it and miss what God is […]