Common Core or Common Sense (with apologies to Thomas Payne)

| July 25, 2014

In 1776, American colonists found themselves under the control of a tyrannical ruler. King George and Parliament had the agenda of controlling the colonists’ daily lives and livelihoods while using them for England’s sole benefit. The level of control had reached absurd levels and a few colonists were beginning to call for independence from England. […]

Why I’m pulling my kids out of public school

| June 28, 2014

LAF/BW Editor’s note: Just as an aside, making sure kids fit in a box isn’t really the best ambition. But this is still worth reading one mother’s frustration with government schooling. The tally of reasons why you should homeschool just went up in Florida. Editor’s note: More than 150,000 people have read a posting byLynne […]

Five Reasons Not to Put Your Children in Public School

| April 23, 2014

Every bit of this is remedied by homeschooling. Can be done and has been done and done well. If when you look around you see the norm and this article describes it, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. If you’re unfamiliar with homeschooling, how to make the transition from public school, worried about the outcome […]